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33 AutoSet Plus P R O D U C T M A N U A L EN Figure 87 19. Install side plate - Place plate on tabs and push down carefully 20. Remove lockout/tagout and power up 21. Calibrate the axis with the new nut (Section 5). 6.6. Daily Maintenance • Check for proper operation of all the following safety devices: – E-stops: E-stops are located on the HMI stands, and on the controller box located approximately on the center of the table system table (Section 2.8). These will stop the motion of the automated axis and liftouts on the table system. An E-stop can be tested by pushing in the E-stop and checking if any axis moves. – Limit switches: Limit switches are located on the gantry "A" frame on the bottom chord side of the table (Section 2.2), these will stop the motion of the gantry. A limit switch can be checked by manually actuating the switch while the gantry is stopped, then trying to move the gantry. ! WARNING Do not check the limit switch while the gantry is in movement. – Liftout Safety System (Section 2.5): Make sure the horn and the light on each group work when switching the group liftout switch on the gantry control ! WARNING Repair or replace safety devices if they are not in operating condition. • Clean debris from the table top and the cable trough. • Inspect the Energy Chain for loose or damaged links. • Drain water from the coalescer on the filter regulator. Figure 85 15. Install bearing plate. Center bearing on axis such that the nut has play side to side in the slot before tightening bearing plate (Figure 84) NOTICE Polish or file the shaft to allow the bearing to slide on if needed. Do not tighten set screws at this time. Figure 86 16. Install the automated puck (Section 6.5.1) 17. Remove lockout/tagout and power up to move Puck to middle of table ! WARNING Verify that all power to the machine has been turned off following OSHA-approved lockout/tagout procedures (OSHA REGULATION 29 CFR 1910.147). 18. Tighten down the set screws in the bearing (Figure 87)

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