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43 AutoSet Plus P R O D U C T M A N U A L EN Appendix B – Maintenance Checklist AutoSet Plus Table System Machine Inspection Guide and Maintenance Log Date _______/_______/_______ DAILY (Section 6.6) Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Safety devices a Clean debris from table top and cable track Inspect cable track (Energy chain) for loose or damaged links Drain water from Filter/Regulator coalesceron WEEKLY (Section 6.7) Inspect air lines and solenoid valves for leaks Inspect guide wheels for wear Grease guide wheels Inspect the gantry gearbox for leaks Inspect the motor and coupling to see that they are not slipping or separating Inspect the motor and motor mount hardware Blow off acme rods Lubricate acme rods Run pucks full length of table, up and back, to clean acme rods Inspect glide assemblies for damage Wipe the liftout protection photo sensors using a dry towel MONTHLY (Section 6.8) Inspect the gantry drive chain tension Lubricate the gantry drive chain Check squareness of gantry head QUARTERLY (Section 6.9) Grease the roll bearings on both ends of gantry – 2 pumps NLGI grade No.2 Inspect load runners on bottom track Check guide wheel clearance Inspect the distance from the load runner surface to bottom track surface Grease bearings on automated axis of table YEARLY (Section 6.10) Inspect leveling leg jam nuts and verify that table surface is level Tighten center support legs Check for loose or missing hardware Check the gantry gear box fluid level — P L E A S E M A K E P H OTO CO P I E S O F T H I S F O R M F O R LO G G I N G M A I N T E N A N C E —

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