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35 AutoSet Plus P R O D U C T M A N U A L EN NOTICE If the table is not level contact Alpine Equipment Technical Support before adjusting the leveling legs. • If necessary, adjust the leveling legs (Figure 91). Jam Nuts Center Support Leg Figure 91 • Tighten Center Support Leg to stiffen the table. This is done by loosening the jam nut (1 ½" wrench) and turning the bottom pad with a 16" pipe wrench so it is tight to the floor, then tighten the jam nut. NOTICE Over zealous tightening of the center support legs may cause the table to crown, causing build issues. • Check for loose or missing hardware • Check the gearbox fluid level. NOTICE The gearbox is filled with oil and does not require changing. However, the oil level should be checked yearly. For US Motors CBN Gearboxes use Mobil SHC629 synthetic gear oil. For Dodge Quantis Gearboxes use Mobilgear 630 mineral oil. 6.10. Yearly Maintenance • Check that the table is level.

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