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34 AutoSet Plus P R O D U C T M A N U A L EN • Once the acme rods have been lubricated, run the pucks the full length of the table. This will ensure even lubrication and will clean the acme rod. • Visually inspect the AutoSet Plus motor coupling to verify it is not separating from the motor. • Visually inspect the gantry gearbox for leaks. If the gearbox is leaking contact Alpine Equipment Technical Support. • Visually inspect guide assemblies for damage. If the guides appear damaged contact Alpine Equipment Technical Support. • Visually inspect the AutoSet Plus motor and motor mount to verify all the hardware has remained tight. If loose, remove the screws, apply a medium strength thread-locker and replace the screws. • Wipe the liftout protection photo sensors located on each side of the gantry using a dry towel 6.8. Monthly Maintenance • Check the drive chain tension and adjust as needed (Section 6.1). • Lubricate the drive chain using a roller chain lubricant. • Check squareness of gantry head 6.9. Quarterly Maintenance • Grease the roll bearings at each end of the gantry head using two pumps of NLGI Grade 2 grease. NOTICE Applying too much grease into a sealed bearing will blow the seals. Use caution when greasing the bearings. • Inspect • Check the roll conveyor belts for tension and wear. A worn belt will look shiny. Adjust the belt tensioner if the belt is slipping. • Inspect load runners on bottom track • Check guide wheel clearance • Inspect the distance from the load runner surface to bottom track surface • Grease bearings on AutoSet Plus rods. 6.7. Weekly Maintenance • Inspect all air lines and solenoid valves to make sure there is no air leaking (Figure 88). Figure 88 • Inspect guide wheels for even wear indicating they are positioned properly (Figure 89). Check for even wear in the center for the wheel. Figure 89 • Check that the gap between all the guide wheels and the table frame are within 1/32nd of an inch (Section 6.2) • Grease the guide wheels (Figure 90). Grease Point Figure 90 • Using compressed air, blow out the slots containing the acme rods on which the AutoSet Plus pucks travel. • Lubricate the acme rods using a 50/50 mixture of Kerosene and Automatic Transmission Fluid. NOTE Environmental factors may require more frequent lubrication.

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