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10 AutoSet Plus P R O D U C T M A N U A L EN 3 1 2 Figure 13 2.4. Liftout Protection System: On the AutoSet Plus the RAM EasyRider gantry is supplied with a liftout protection system. The system is designed to prevent the gantry operator from accidently running into liftouts. The system consists of a pair of crossing sensors that sense when a liftout is in the way of the gantry movement. These 2 photo sensors have 10ft range during movement and when they see a liftout in the gantry path, they fully stop the gantry and cut power. In order for the gantry to resume movement, a reset button mounted on the side of the gantry must be pushed. NOTICE The liftout protection system is not a safety rated system. It is solely designed to protect the liftouts. The liftout protection system includes the following items which are identified by number on Figure 14: No. Item Description 1 Liftout Protection Sensors There are 4 photo sensors, 2 on each side of the gantry 2 Reset Push Button Needs to be pushed to reset the power for gantry movement 1 2 Figure 14 10 11 Figure 11 12 Figure 12 2.3. Liftouts The AutoSet Plus utilizes slopped liftouts, each liftout is located on the side of each table to assist in moving the truss off the table to a reciver system. These liftouts use an air powered cylinder actuated by a lift out solenoid. The speed at which the cylinder moves is adjustable using two Right Angle Flow Control Valves. The following items are identified by number on Figure 13: No. Item Description 1 Liftout Assembly Includes: Short Liftout Arm Long Liftout Arm Skate Bar Pivot Mount Liftout Cylinder Clevis Pivot Bearings 2 Liftout Solenoid (24V) Controls the liftout and corresponding receiver. It is located on the last leg of top chord side of the table. Each will need to be supplied with plant air. 3 Right Angle Control Valve Controls the air flow

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