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9 AutoSet Plus P R O D U C T M A N U A L EN 2 1 Figure 8 3 4 5 6 7 Figure 9 8 9 Figure 10 2.2. RAM EasyRider Gantry System Overview The following items are identified by number on Figures 8 to 12. No. Item Description 1 Gantry Motor 10 HP motor used to move the Gantry Head across the table 2 Chain Guard Covers the drive chain 3 E-Stop Reset Push-button used to reset the Limit Switch Safety Device once it has been tripped 4 Bearing Cover Plastic cover used to protect the bearing. 5 Guide Wheels Urethane wheels used to keep the Gantry Head squared on the track. 6 Step Step that can be used to safely climb onto the table. 7 Limit Switch Safety device used to stop the Gantry Head movement when triggered. 8 Operator Control Panel Panel on which the Gantry Head movement and Liftout Controls are located. 9 Operator Platform Operation station for Gantry Head and Liftout Controls. 10 Jig Station Selector Toggle switch used to select the jig station. 11 Joystick Control used to raise and lower the Liftouts and move the Gantry Head. 12 Lockout Tagout (Gantry Head) Electrical Lockout point located on the side of the Operator Control Panel.

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