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39 AutoSet Plus P R O D U C T M A N U A L EN 7.11.3. ADV. DIAGNOSTICS The AutoSet Plus offers access to the Schneider Advanced Diagnostics program. This program provides additional, advanced tools to check the system status, diagnose an error or access motion control data. By clicking on the on the ADV. DIAGNOSTICS from the troubleshooting screen (Figure 94), the Schneider Diagnostics program launches and establishes a connection to the system controller (Figure 98). Figure 98 After the program establishes a connection with the controller, there are two steps needed before accessing the diagnostic software tools. (Figure 99): 1. Collect Data: collects the most updated data from the motion control system 1 2 Figure 99 2. Show Data…: Displays the tools of the diagnostic program (Figure 100) 2 Figure 96 To diagnose an error, follow the steps bellow: 1. Note an error code form a pop up message or from the Error Log 2. In the Index tab, type in the error code and click display (Figure 96). 3. The possible causes, checks and corrections will be explained in English, Spanish and French on the diagnostic panel to the right (Figure 97). 2 3 Figure 97

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