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38 AutoSet Plus P R O D U C T M A N U A L EN The following functions can be performed from the Troubleshooting screen: 1. Language box: Click on the language box to switch the language of Troubleshooting screen button labels between English, Spanish and French. 2. Exit: Close the Troubleshoot screen 3. Error Log: Click to open the error log file (Section 7.11.1) 4. Manual: Click to open the System Diagnostic screen (Section 7.11.2) 5. ADV DIAG: Click to open the Schneider Advanced Diagnostic Program (Section 7.11.3) 7.11.1. Error Log The error log is a useful and simple tool that provides the ability to know when the error occurred, where the error occurred, and the error code. The Error Log button opens a Notepad window with a list of all errors that occurred on the system (Figure 95). The system can handle over 500+ error entries (500K word limit). Figure 95 The error log displays: 1. Date of error 2. Time when error occurred 3. Error location (e.g. Rod number 6) 4. Error code if available The error log screen is not an interactive screen, but it is a useful tool to track all the errors and includes the time and location of the occurrence. It is also useful to note an error code, enter it intothe System Diagnostic screen and troubleshoot the error (Section 7.11.2) 7.11.2. Manual The MANUAL button opens the System Diagnostic screen (Figure 96). The System Diagnostic is used to manually enter an error code and diagnose the problem. The error code can be read from the pop up error messages (Figure 92) or from the Error Log (Figure 95). 7.11. Motion Control Diagnostics or Diagnostic Tool AutoSet Plus software features an advanced motion control diagnostic tool, that allows the user to diagnose many issues and resolve the situation. When the motion control detects an error, the software notifies the user with a pop up screen. The screen contains an error code (Figure 92). The errors are tied to a specific set of issues and identify the areas to check when solving the problem. Figure 92 The motion control diagnostic tool records all the errors in an error log file and provides instructions on how to troubleshoot any error. To troubleshoot an error, click on the Tools icon form the Main Screen to open the Maintenance Screen (Figure 93). Then click on the HELP button to open the Troubleshooting screen (Figure 94). Figure 93 2 3 4 5 1 Figure 94 The Troubleshooting screen provides access to the different tools that help in the troubleshooting process.

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