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29 AutoSet Plus P R O D U C T M A N U A L EN Step 2. Remove the bearing guard and loosen the bolts on the bearing (Figure 69). Figure 69 Step 3. Tighten the Jack Bolts to create a gap under the bearing mount plate (Figure 70). Step 4. Remove or add shims as needed (Figure 70). NOTE Adding shims will increase plate embedment, removing shims will decrease plate embedment. Jack Bolts Shim Figure 70 Step 5. Loosen the Jack Bolts and tighten the bolts on the bearing (Figure 69). Step 6. Re-tension the drive chain (Section 6.1) Step 7. Replace all covers. Step 8. Perform another test press to verify 100% embedment on the top plate and 50% on the bottom plate. 6.4. Roller Height Adjustment In cases where proper plate embedment is not being achieved it may be necessary to adjust the roller height. NOTICE Contact Alpine Equipment Technical Support to assist in determining if the roller height needs to be adjusted before proceeding. 6.4.1. Checking Plate Embedment Step 1. Use two 2x6 dense grade boards that are 18 inches in length. Step 2. Confirm that they are exactly 1.5 inches thick using a tape measure. Step 3. Place one at the bottom chord side of the table and one at the top chord side. Step 4. Place a 6x8 connector plate (minimum size, a larger plate can be used) underneath and on top of the board. Step 5. Roll the gantry over the boards. NOTE Proper plate embedment is 100% on the top plate and 50% on the bottom plate. Step 6. If plate embedment is too tight or too loose, consult Alpine Equipment Technical Support Step 7. After speaking with Alpine Technical Support, follow the steps in Section 6.4.2 6.4.2. Height Adjustment Procedure Step 1. Lower the motor mounting plate to allow some slack in the chain (Figure 68). NOTICE Keep the plate level by lowering all four nuts equally. NOTE Only 3 of the total 4 nuts are shown in Figure 68. Figure 68

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