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28 AutoSet Plus P R O D U C T M A N U A L EN 6.3. Energy Chain Mounting ! WARNING Electricity can kill. Prior to performing any work on the AutoSet Plus, verify that all power to the machine has been turned off following OSHA-approved lockout/tagout procedures (OSHA REGULATION 29 CFR 1910.147). The L-Bracket on the gantry end of the Energy Chain must be mounted at approximately 15 degrees and ride just above the trough (Figure 66). The energy chain should be aligned from where it is mounted to the L bracket to where the chain is laying in the energy chain trough. The L bracket has a slotted hole to allow for this alignment. There are two bolts mounting the chain to the bracket that should be loosened to align the chain, then tightened. The first three links of the chain are reversed to allow for smooth pushing and pulling of the Energy Chain as the gantry head moves (Figure 66). 1 2 4 1 L-Bracket 2 Reversed Links 3 Energy Chain 4 Cable Trough 3 Figure 66 All of the cables running through the Energy Chain must be tied down individually to strain relief fingers mounted to the L-Bracket (Figure 67). Strain Relief Fingers Figure 67 Step 4. Place a wooden wedge between the roll and the track rail on the top chord side of the gantry. Step 5. Bump the forward/reverse joystick control to move the gantry in the direction needed to achieve a square measurement at the "A" frame. If the Gantry is not within the ½" – ¾" side to side, gently bump the Gantry head with a forklift. Step 6. Turn the jack bolts to move the guide wheel housing until it is contacting the frame within 1/32nd of an inch. Jam Nut Jack Bolt Figure 65 Step 7. Verify the jack bolts are contacting the housing plate. Step 8. Tighten the two bolts holding the housing to the frame (Lock washers need to be compressed). Step 9. Tighten the jam nuts. After these adjustments have been made, verify the load runner wheels are still in adjustment to the table frame. The angle iron load runner frame should be even with the table frame where the guide wheels run. This can be achieved by loosening the 10 bolts holding the load runner frame to the "A" frame of the gantry, then align the load runner angle iron frame to the frame of the table (the edge where the gantry green guide wheels ride). Then tighten the bolts. If the load runner angle iron frame on the side of the gantry with the rider platform is moved, loosen the two bolts holding the Igus energy chain to the bracket and re-center the chain, so the chain mounted to the bracket is aligned to the chain laying in the trough.

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