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24 AutoSet Plus P R O D U C T M A N U A L EN NOTE Once the special job is complete, table groups must be re-set. Failing to do so will cause the liftouts to function incorrectly. NOTE Any time the AutoSet Plus program is restarted the group settings will return to the default values set at the time of the system installation. 3.12. Timer and Counter The Timer screen launches as a separate window every time the AutoSet Plus software launchesThe screen includes the following (Figure 56) 2 1 3 Figure 56 1. Duration Timer: indicates the time it takes to build each truss • Timer starts when a setup of a truss is completed (pucks in their positions) • Timer resets every time lift-out activated 2. Truss Counter: Indicates how many trusses have been built in the current setup. • Counter resets every time new truss is set up. • Counter increases every time lift-outs are activated. 3. Language box: Click on the language box to switch the language of Timer screen button labels between English, Spanish and French. NOTE A minimum 20 second gap between liftouts is required for truss counter to advance. 3.11. Adjust Groups The AutoSet Plus software allows temporary adjustment to the group sizes. Group size is determined by the number of automated pucks in the group. Adjusting group size may be useful for very large or very small truss setups. To adjust a group size temporarily, for follow the steps below 1. On the Main screen (Section 3.3), click Adjust Group to open Adjust Group Screen (Figure 55). 2 1 Figure 55 To temporary adjust group size follow the steps below: 1. Use the (+) and (–) buttons to set how many axes are in each group. For example, in Figure 40, Group 1 starts from axis 1 and ends at axis 22. 2. To accept the changes, click OK icon (1). 3. To cancel and return to the Main Menu, click Exit icon (2). NOTE All liftouts will be deactivated after any change to the group size. Activating the liftouts require the operator to run SETUP or to activate each liftout from the control screen (Section 3.6.3).

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