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21 AutoSet Plus P R O D U C T M A N U A L EN 3.8. Custom Dimension The AutoSet Plus provides tools to create custom dimensions by snapping between any two points. There are three different types of dimension that can be created using the dimension icons on the main screen (Figure 45): 2 1 3 Figure 45 3.8.1. Horizontal dimension (Figure 46): To create horizontal dimension, click on the horizontal dimension icon then follow the steps below: 1. Click on a desired location to display the horizontal dimension. 2. Click on first point 3. Click on second point 2 1 3 Figure 46 Figure 42 4. Zoom to select truss: select a group then click on icon (4) to display the truss on the selected group (Figure 43). Figure 43 5. Zoom to show an overview of entire system: Click to view entire system (Figure 44). Figure 44

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