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20 AutoSet Plus P R O D U C T M A N U A L EN 3.7. Zoom Function The AutoSet Plus software provides the following zooming functionalities (Figure 39): 1 3 2 5 4 Figure 39 1. Zoom In: Enlarge current view by 10% per click 2. Zoom Out: Reduce current view by 10% per click 3. Zoom to an area on the screen: to zoom any area of a truss, click on zoom button (3) then: • Click on the top/left Conner of the zoom area (Figure 40) Figure 40 • Click on the bottom/right Conner of zoon area (Figure 41) Figure 41 • The selected area will be displayed in a zoom mode (Figure42) 3.6.2. Move Truss Screen If jogging the truss does not resolve the setup error, click the Move Truss button (Section 3.3) on the Truss Setup Screen (Figure 33) to open Move Truss screen (Figure 38). 5 1 2 3 4 7 6 Figure 38 To move a truss to an exact location using Move Truss screen follow the steps below referring to Figure 38: Select the direction of the movement: 1. Move truss left 2. Move truss right 3. Move truss up 4. Move truss down Then 5. Enter the dimension to move in Feet, Inches, Sixteenths 6. Click OK to move truss 7. Click Exit to exit the Move Truss screen and return to the Truss Setup Screen 3.6.3. Liftout Activation When a truss is setup on a group, the liftouts of that group will automatically be activated. When the gantry operator lifts a truss all the activated liftouts of the group will operate (See section 4.2 for gantry operation). The AutoSet Plus software allows the operator to deactivate or activate any liftout from the control screen by clicking on the individual liftout. For example, when setup a truss on Group 1, all Group 1 liftouts will automatically be activated. Clicking on any liftout of Group 1 will deactivate it. Another click on the same liftout will activate it again.

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