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19 AutoSet Plus P R O D U C T M A N U A L EN Adjust the truss location until all axes are colored black, indicating they are able to setup. 3.6.1. Rotate Truss Follow the steps bellow to rotate truss: 1. Click Rotate Truss icon form the Truss Setup Screen (Figure 33) 2. Click to select the center of rotation point (Figure 35) 2 Figure 35 3. Click to select the reference point (rotate from) (Figure 36) 3 Figure 36 4. Click a point to rotate the reference point to (Figure 37) 4 Figure 37 4. Uncheck – Select a completed truss (with a check mark) then click on uncheck icon to return the truss to an incomplete status NOTE Uncheck function will not available when running E-shop. 3.6. Truss Setup Screen (Main Screen with a truss loaded) Once a truss is selected from the Select Truss screen, the software will advance to the Truss Setup Screen (Main screen with truss loaded) (Figure 33). 1 2 3 4 5 6 Figure 33 The Truss Setup screen displays the truss exactly how it will be setup on the table. If the selected truss will not fit on the table or requires a puck to move past its limit, the following popup appears "Truss exceeds physical limitations of the table. Reposition truss and set up again." The axis that is unable to setup will be displayed in red (Figure 34). Figure 34 To re-position the truss, use the buttons bellow which can be found on the Main screen (Figure 33) 1. Jog Truss Left 5. Rotate Truss (Section 3.6.1) 2. Jog Truss Right 6. Move Truss (Section 3.6.2) 3. Jog Truss Up 4. Jog Truss Down

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