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18 AutoSet Plus P R O D U C T M A N U A L EN 3. Enter Batch Name from Batch name list to Add 4. Exit – Click on icon to close and exit Screen Figure 31 3.5. Select Truss Screen Once the job is loaded from the Job Select screen the Select Truss screen appears (Figure 32). From the truss menu, click on the truss name that needs to be setup on the table and then click the check button (2). A green check mark on the truss indicates that the truss is completed. Figure 32 The Truss Select screen includes the following items which are identified by number on Figure 32: 1. Green Check Mark – The green check indicates the truss had been marked complete. 2. Select Truss Icon – After highlighting a truss, click on check icon to advance to the Truss Setup Screen (Main Screen) (Section 3.4). 3. Exit Icon – Click Exit icon to return to the Main Screen. • Click the Select Job icon (Figure 28) to see if the job is found (Figure 29) Figure 29 3.4.2 With eShop Running Click Open Job from the Main screen and open the Job Select screen (Figure 30). 1 2 3 4 5 Figure 30 1. Select Job Icon – Click to load the highlighted job from the list 2. Add Batch Icon – Click to add new batch to job list (Figure 30) 3. Refresh Icon – Click to refresh Job list 4. Exit Icon – Click to Exit Job Select Screen 5. Search Icon – Click on to search for a job by name • To add a batch, click on the Add Batch Icon to open Add Batch Screen (Figure 31) then use the following functions: 1. Enter Job Name which needs to add to the Job List (batch) 2. Look Up – Click on icon to find job from Job database

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