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14 AutoSet Plus P R O D U C T M A N U A L EN 3. AutoSet Plus Software ! WARNING Make sure the tabletop is clear of all persons, lumber, jig stops and obstructions before moving the pucks. 3.1. Computer The AutoSet Plus system is equipped with an industrial computer running Windows Embedded Standard. It utilizes an externally accessible CFast SSD card for the primary hard drive. The CFast card gives the advantage of a quick start up time as well as inexpensive and easily replaceable backup copies. 3.2. Software Language AutoSet Plus software is available in three languages English, Spanish and French. Changing from one language to the another can be done from ini setting file located under C:\AUTOSET. To change the software language, follow the steps below: 1- Open the ini setting file located under C:\AUTOSET 2- Find the language line in the ini file (Figure 24) Figure 24 2.9. Getting Data to the AutoSet Plus 2.9.1. General Table setup information must be in ASD files format. Most truss engineering software packages can develop these files automatically. Contact the software supplier for details. Alpine will supply the file specification for these files if necessary. 2.9.2. Network An Ethernet adapter card is provided with the computer inside the console. Alpine recommends connecting the network using a Cat 5 Ethernet cable. Except for its distance from the server, the table computer operates like other computers on the network. Distance can be an issue, Alpine recommends that the network cable is installed and connected by a network professional. If ASD files are being sent to the AutoSet Plus over a network connection, it is mandatory that the table computer be able to write to the ASD files to the network. This is how completed setups are recorded. The table will require certain network rights. If the network administrator has questions, have them contact Alpine Equipment Technical Support for more information. To receive live support, the AutoSet Plus computer must have internet access. This will allow for remote access by Alpine Equipment Technical Support for troubleshooting and diagnostic evaluation. 2.9.3. USB Device Sometimes called "jump drives" or "thumb drives", these devices are necessary if the saw is not connected to a network. The AutoSet Plus has a dustproof USB port mounted on the front panel of the operator's console for these devices. The AutoSet Plus program communicates with these devices in the same manner as it would to a hard drive or network connection.

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