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2 RollerPress P R O D U C T M A N U A L EN ! WARNING Read the following warnings before using this equipment. Read the following safety information before using this equipment: In this installation guide, the words WARNING, CAUTION and NOTE are used to emphasize important safety information as follows: ! CAUTION Hazards or unsafe practices that could result in minor personal injury, product or property damage. ! WARNING Hazards or unsafe practices that could result in severe personal injury, death or substantial property damage. NOTE Important installation, operation or maintenance information. AREA Tells where hazards may occur. HAZARD Tells what the hazard is. SAFEGUARDS Tells how to avoid the hazard. General Use and Maintenance Improper operation or maintenance may create a hazard. Personnel must be properly trained to use this equipment. All employees should have access to this safety booklet. If additional copies are needed, call Alpine Customer Service at (800) 521-9790. Personnel must be trained in accordance with the requirements of NFPA-664 (Standard for the prevention of fires and explosions in wood processing and woodworking facilities). Instructions and safety precautions must be read and understood prior to using this equipment. Follow plant procedures for personal protective equipment and workspace cleanliness. Always Read Manual and Train Operators Failure to read and understand the manual could cause equipment-related hazards to operators. All employees should read the equipment manual and have access to it at all times while operating Alpine equipment. Any employee operating, maintaining or servicing the equipment should read and understand the product manual, contacting Alpine Customer Service if additional clarity is required. Alpine Equipment customer service can be reached at (800) 521-9790. Inspect Equipment Daily Broken or worn machine parts can cause damage to equipment. Never use equipment if you are unsure about its operational condition. Make note of any parts that look worn or broken and notify plant maintenance immediately. Stop using equipment immediately if any safety devices are broken or disabled. Never Modify Equipment Modification could damage equipment or cause it to operate improperly. Modified equipment could cause a safety risk to operators. Never modify equipment without approval from Alpine. Never operate modified equipment unless the modification was approved by Alpine. Never Misuse Equipment Deviating from proper use of equipment could damage equipment and seriously injure the operator. Read equipment manuals completely. Train operator properly and allow operator to access equipment manual at all times. Call Alpine Customer Service at (800) 521-9790 to replace any missing or damaged manuals.

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