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8 RollerPress P R O D U C T M A N U A L EN 2. Getting to Know the RollerPress The following items are identified by number on Figures 2 – 7. Number Item Description 1 Gearmotor 15 HP gearmotor used to drive the rollers through a chain system. 2 Top Roller Guard Guard used to cover the top roller. 3 Safety Bar Bar on each side of the machine used to stop the rolls in an emergency situation. 4 Rollers Two 24 in. diameter rollers used to press the plates into trusses. 5 Lower Roller Guard Guard used to cover the lower roll. 6 Anchor Bolts Bolts used to fix the machine to the ground. 7 RollerPress Frame Frame used to reinforce the RollerPress. 8 Safety Bar Limit Switch A switch used to stop the machine when the safety bars are suddenly folded because of an emergency. 9 Roller Sprocket Sprocket that drives the roller. 10 Door Chain Guard Door used to cover the chain system. 11 Gearbox Sprocket Sprocket used to drive the chain. 12 Roller Chain Chain used to convey the motion between the sprockets. 13 Chain Tensioner Bracket Device used to control the chain tension. 14 Chain Tensioner Sprocket (Idler Sprocket) Sprocket that is linked to the tensioner bracket. 15 Electrical Cabinet Cabinet contains the electrical components. 16 Shims Multiple steel pieces with different thicknesses used to adjust the gap between the rollers. 17 Roller Bearing Device used to constrain the roller motion and reduce friction. 18 Grease Fitting Used to grease the bearings. 19 Top Roller Guard End Cap Cover located on the top-non motor side. 20 Non Motor Side Guard Cover located on the lower non-motor side.

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