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19 RollerPress P R O D U C T M A N U A L EN 6. Maintenance The RollerPress should be kept in good condition through regular service and maintenance by qualified maintenance personnel. ! WARNING Electricity can kill. Prior to performing any work on the RollerPress, verify that all power to the machine has been turned off following OSHA-approved lockout/tagout procedures (OSHA REGULATION 29 CFR 1910.147). 6.1 Daily Maintenance Follow the steps below to check all safety devices to ensure they are in good working order. Step 1 – Push up the safety bars and run in forward or reverse, it should not start. Step 2 – Run the rollers without a truss and push the emergency stop, it should stop. If any are found not working properly, repair or replace them before using the machine. 6.2 Weekly Maintenance Check the roller drive chain tension, if there is more than ½" of deflection in the chain between the tensioner sprocket and the top roller sprocket (Figure 15), follow steps 1-3 below: Figure 15 Checking Chain Tension Step 1 – Loosen the tensioner sprocket nut No.1 (Figure 16). Step 2 – Tighten the tensioner sprocket nut No.2 until tension is correct (Figure 16). Step 3 – Retighten the tensioner sprocket nut No.1 to prevent loosening of the tensioner sprocket. Figure 16 Chain Tension System Nuts

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