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12 RollerPress P R O D U C T M A N U A L EN ! CAUTION This machine is not designed to run in reverse for any purpose other than to clear a jam or to move a truss back into the fabrication area. ! CAUTION Failure to feed the machine in the proper feed orientation will render essential safety features of the machine useless and will void the warranty. ! WARNING The RollerPress must be bolted down at all times. Under no circumstances should the machine be shimmed in place with wooden shim material. Failure to follow these precautions could result in a serious injury or fatality. 3.2. Power Configuration Check In order to check the rotation of the electrical motor, follow Steps 1 to 4 below: Step 1 – Make sure the rollers are clear of all obstructions. Step 2 – Switch the forward/reverse switch to FWD. Step 3 – Press the run button. Step 4 – Standing at the front of the machine, the rollers should rotate inward. If they do not, the power leads will need to be changed by a certified electrician. It is important to consider the physical location of the RollerPress within the plant to assure the most efficient use and material flow. Ample working room around the RollerPress is needed, and the machine should be conveniently located in respect to the infeed and outfeed conveyors. If the RollerPress needs to be located next to an outside wall, the opening should be large enough to allow the safety bar to operate normally. If there is inadequate room, or the opening cannot be large enough to allow the safety bar to work correctly, the safety bar must be mounted on the outside wall with the corresponding safety switch and the wiring must be extended. ! WARNING The safety bars should not be removed under any circumstances. If the machine must be installed outside, a shelter should be constructed to protect against inclement weather. ! CAUTION The RollerPress should not be exposed to rain or snow. ! WARNING Special consideration should be taken if a person could become trapped between the wall and the RollerPress. A blockade needs to be constructed to keep people out of that area! NOTE The Roller Press must be installed so that trusses are fed into the front of the machine during normal operation. The front of the machine is the side where the electrical control panel is facing the operator. (Figure 10). 3. Installation 3.1. Machine Position Requirement

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