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98 (800) 521-9790 SA2545 Misinstallation! Spalling may occur when strap anchors are bent to a horizontal position and then straightened for installation to framing. This practice may require an adjustment to allowable loads and applies to both single and double pour applications. Typical HSA3522 Single Pour Edge Installation Typical HSA3522 Single Pour Corner and Endwall Installation Typical HSA3522 Single Pour Rim Joist Installation Typical HSA3522-2P Double Pour Edge Installation. Unless noted, install others with bend embedment line at cold joint between slab and foundation Typical HSA3522-2P Double Pour Corner Installation 2x Embedment Depth +12" Min Rebar Length One #4 Rebar In Shear Cone 12" Min. Rebar Length 30" Min. Rebar Length Corner Distance From Edge of Strap to Corner One #4 Rebar in Shear Cone 13 1 ⁄2" Nailed Portion 1 ⁄2" Min. From Corner 4" Slab Stemwall Width Corner Distance From Edge of Strap to Corner 4" Slab Double Pour Installation SINGLE POUR INSTALLATION NOTE The SA2545, HSA3522 and HSA3522-2P are specifically designed for installation in concrete footings and attachment to a stud or post. The anchor may be installed where a horizontal cold joint exists between the slab and the footing or foundation wall, provided it is hooked around a minimum No. 4 reinforcement bar in the shear cone. The minimum embedment depths into the concrete footing for the SA2545, and HSA3522 are 6 inches and 10 inches respectively. SSAD HSA3522 HSA3522-2P Installation 5 Installation 4 Installation 2 Installation 3 Installation 1 HSA SSAD SA STRAP ANCHORS n HSA3522/HSA3522-2P The HSA3522 (heavy loads) is designed to be installed at the edge of the concrete form. Installation nail holes are provided to allow nailing to the form. By using this method, a 1" deeper embedment is guaranteed. It is pre-bent to control the 10" embedment at the required 22° angle; therefore, the field bending is not necessary on the HSA3522. The HSA3522-2P is used in two-pour foundations and in 4x's to reduce the problem of wood splitting. When 2x's and 3x's are used, fill every other nail hole with a 16d nail or use a 10d x 1 1 ⁄2" nail in every nail hole. A reduction in load will result from this nailing. n SSAD The NEW SSAD SUPERSPEED ® strap anchor down is used for an anchor down condition with 2 – 2x lumber. Embossed holes provide for use with gun nail applications. Nail holes are engineered for use on 1 1 ⁄2" members; this reduces the possibility of wood splitting. n SA2545 The SA2545 is pre-bent to control the embedment at the required angle. It is designed to simplify and speed up installation. • Install before pouring concrete by nailing to the form. • Insert the strap after the concrete is poured. When the concrete has cured, bend the strap to the stud and attach by nailing. Material… HSA3522/ HSA3522-2P – 10 ga. galvanized steel. SA2545/ SSAD – 12 ga. galvanized steel. LSSAD – 14 ga. galvanized steel.

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