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92 (800) 521-9790 ML66 ML44 ML210 ML88 LL21–23 LL ML33 ML24 T T12 T TH "T" BRACES Design Features… inexpensive braces are ideal for gates, patios covers, joining posts and columns to headers, beams and other applications where added reinforcement is needed. Braces may be bolted for heavy-duty applications. Material… light and medium-duty use, 14 ga. galvanized steel; heavy-duty use, 3 ⁄16" steel. Finish… TH SUPERSPEED ® gray paint. LL ML LIGHT ANGLES/MEDIUM ANGLES Design Features… MLs provide fast, accurate bolting of two intersecting wood members (reinforcing intersection joints). LLs are versatile reinforcing angles that are nailed to reinforce intersecting wood members. Material… 18 ga. galvanized and 12 ga. galvanized steel, depending upon size and load requirements. Special… medium angles are designed for standardization and construction economies, and to provide compatibility with the SUPERSPEED ® structural hardware line. 3" 2" 4" GA10 GA GUSSETS Design Features… a 1-piece design provides 3-way connection (top-bottom-side) for variety of applications. Erection nail holes are provided to speed up installation. Material… 12 ga. galvanized steel. Special… The GA10 attaches to truss gables and can be installed into wood (SUPERSPEED ® Drive Screws ™ are provided). This provides greater lateral wind resistance. Options… Special sizes can be made to order. SUPERSPEED ® Drive Screws ™ Used With This Product ANGLES, BRACES AND ANCHORS

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