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90 (800) 521-9790 EA44 AA44 AAE44L PAM44 PAM POST ANCHORS MEDIUM Design Features… are similar to the HA heavy anchor (see page 88), and provide builders with a medium-duty, low cost post anchor that can be embedded into concrete up to 7" to meet the needs of carports, patios, porches and breezeways. Moisture-barrier plate can be removed for added installation flexibility. The post can be nailed or bolted to meet code requirements. Material… PAM, 12 ga. galvanized steel. EA ELEVATED ANCHORS Design Features… provide an economical, elevated post base for applications where sanitation and moisture conditions dictate an off-the-concrete post anchor. Anchors should be embedded in fresh concrete immediately after screeding with the post seat not exceeding 3" above the concrete. The 3 ⁄4" I. D. pipe has anti- rotation and a withdrawal lock at the base. The standard depth is 8". To special order the 12", specify by adding 12 after the stock no. (example: EA44 with 12" pipe, specify as EA44-12). Material… 12 ga. steel. Finish… SUPERSPEED ® gray paint. AA ADJUSTABLE ANCHORS Design Features… provide fully-adjustable post base plus moisture and sanitary protection… also used for new construction or remodeling applications where damp rot is a problem. Bending slot provides greater ease of installation. For an easy adjustment to a previously set 1 ⁄2" concrete fastener (or bolt and cement insert), use the slotted hole. Also available in rough post sizes. Material… 18 ga. and 16 ga. galvanized steel with a 14 ga. galvanized stand-off plate. Special… stand-off plate provides flat-end bearing area for posts and keeps the post end 1 3 ⁄16" above the surface moisture. Code Report Reference(s)… ESR-2929 AAEL ADJUSTABLE ANCHORS/ECONOMY Design Features… the AAEL is very similar to the AA adjustable anchor (above) except for the added feature of a four-sided stand-off plate that increases the down-load support and provides an attractive appearance while meeting the code- required 1" stand-off. The AAE44L provides higher uplift capacity because of extended sides with extra bolts and nailing schedules. The AAEL anchors are also available in rough lumber sizes. Material… 16 ga. and 12 ga. galvanized steel with a 12 ga. galvanized stand-off plate. Code Report Reference(s)… ESR-2929 H W L Typical as Shown

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