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82 (800) 521-9790 TCB6 Two TCB Bases Installed with a Two-Ply Girder Truss TCB4 (TCB6 Similar) TCB TRUSS CLIP BASES Design Features… comes in two sizes which will work with any quantity of girder plys. The truss or girder load is transferred by the TCB to the plate for conditions with limited bearing. An added benefit is extra uplift provided. The TCB replaces the lower load-transfer systems. Material… 18 ga. galvanized steel. Installation… the TCBs must be installed in pairs. SPT4/6/8 SPTH4/6/8 (Under Bottom Plates) SPT SPTH SPTR SPTS SPTD STUD PLATE TIES Design Features… SPTs are used for wind resistance or seismic conditions. The Stud Plate Ties fasten the bottom plate or the top plate (double plate) to the studs. Material… SPTH18 ga. galvanized steel. All other parts 20 ga. galvanized steel. Installation… use all specified fasteners. Nails must be installed into the plate before the stud. SPT4, SPT6 and SPT8 wrap completely around the double top plates. SPTR (Stud Plate Tie Reversible) has locating lines which aid in placement on single bottom plate or double top plate conditions. 6¹¹⁄₁₆" 1³⁄₈" 2³⁄₄" SPTD SPTS SPT5 (SPT3 Similar) H W 1¼" SPT4/6/8 SPTH4/6/8 (Over Top Plates) SPT1 (SPT2 Similar)

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