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9 (800) 521-9790 GENERAL INFORMATION GENERAL NOTES These general notes are provided to ensure proper installation and use of Alpine Construction Hardware Products, and must be followed completely and carefully. Failure to follow all instructions completely and fully shall void the warranty. All instructions from these pages, as well as the instructions from particular product pages, must be consulted prior to all design and installation processes. 1. Alpine Construction Hardware reserves the right to change product specifications, designs and allowable load tables without notice. It is the hardware user's sole responsibility to obtain and use the most current information provided by Alpine regarding use and installation of the product. The most recent specifications and allowable load tables can be found at, or by contacting Alpine Customer Service at (800) 521-9790. 2. Alpine Construction Hardware products shall not be bent, cut or otherwise modified in the field, with the following exception: bending of products shall be in accordance with specific written product installation instructions permitting such bending and only to the degree and at the locations specified in writing by the Designer. Unauthorized modifications or alterations shall void the warranty and relieves Alpine Construction Hardware from any and all liability. 3. Allowable loads are based on installation with no gap between supported and supporting members. 4. All dimensions are in inches and all loads are in pounds, unless otherwise noted. 5. Use nails that are manufactured in compliance with the current requirements of ASTM F1667. Refer to the current edition of National Design Specification (NDS) and ASTM F1667 for additional nailing information. 6. Unless otherwise noted, 8d (0.131"x2 1⁄2"), 10d (0.148"x3"), and 16d (0.162"x3 1⁄2") refer to common nails meeting the requirements of ASTM F1667. Shorter nails will be specified with the common designation to indicate the diameter followed by the required length in inches (for example, 8dx1 1⁄2" meaning a 0.131" x 1 1/2" nail). 7. All references to nominal lumber sizes relate to dressed or surfaced four-sided dimensions. 8. Alpine Construction Hardware products are designed for use with dry lumber with a maximum moisture content of 19 percent for solid sawn lumber and 16 percent for engineered wood products. Unless otherwise noted, allowable loads are only for Douglas Fir-Larch or Southern Pine under continuously dry conditions. Allowable loads for other species or conditions other than those described herein must be adjusted according to current governing codes and standards. 9. References to bolts or machine bolts (MBs) are for structural quality through bolts (not to lag screws or carriage bolts) equal to or better than current ASTM Standard A307, Grade A. Unless otherwise noted, references to standard cut washers refer to Type A plain washers in compliance with current ASME B18.22.1 and current ANSI/AWC NDS-2012, Appendix L. 10. Do not weld products listed in this catalog unless this publication specifically identifies a product as acceptable for welding or unless written approval is furnished by Alpine or the manufacturer of the product upon user's request. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Follow these installation instructions carefully and completely. Failure to follow the general notes and installation instructions provided by Alpine and the Designer(s) of the connection and structure may result in improper installation of products and may reduce the structure's ability to perform as intended. The performance and safety of products that are modified, improperly installed or otherwise not used in accordance with these installation Instructions, the general notes, the design and governing allowable load limits presented in this catalog and/or by governing code are the sole responsibility of the party or parties making those modifications and/or deviations from Alpine product specifications, notes, installation information or related product literature for which Alpine shall have no liability. 1. Alpine Construction Hardware products must be properly installed and used in accordance with the installation instructions and governing allowable load tables in this catalog, the governing codes and as otherwise specified by Alpine, the manufacturer and/or the Designer. 2. Do not modify or alter products or deviate from specified installation instructions shown in the catalog, product literature and/or design details. 3. Install all required fasteners specified for the installation. Always use the appropriate and applicable fastener type and quantity in the fastener holes required by the governing allowable design load. Do not over drive or under drive fasteners. Do not over tighten or under tighten fasteners. 4. Alpine Construction Hardware products shall be in full contact over their overlap with wood members as shown in the product specification. Joists must bear with full contact on the entire seat area. 5. Install all of the specified fasteners before loading the connection. 6. Multiple-ply members must be fastened together as specified by the Designer of the multiple-ply member, including consideration of non-uniform stresses due to loads that are not uniformly distributed throughout all plies, including loads imposed by the joist hangers or other structural elements and hardware. Special attention must be paid to the location of the multiple-ply member fasteners to avoid interference with installation of construction hardware products. 7. Refer to product tables and notes for required fastener type and size, and which holes to fill to satisfy the governing allowable load. Product tables and notes in this catalog do not cover fastener selection for modified or altered products. Additional design or engineering specifications must be consulted when selecting fasteners for modified or altered products, and when selecting fasteners for an installation or application that is not contained in the instructions and product tables in this catalog. 8. When appropriate to prevent wood splitting, predrill nail holes up to 75% of the nail diameter. If the wood splits beyond that permitted by the Designer(s) and/or the applicable Building Code during installation, the wood member shall be replaced and/or the installer shall notify the wood member designer to review and provide instructions to confirm wood member capacity is appropriate for the application. 9. Safety means, methods, measures, procedures, practices, sequences and techniques when installing Construction Hardware are the sole responsibility of the user and/or installer.

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