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74 (800) 521-9790 FA2 FAL5 FA1 FA2 FAL FALW FRAMING ANCHORS Design Features… FA1 anchors provide the builder with the industry's most versatile framing anchor including: • Prongs – permit faster and easier installation. • Bending slots – make accurate bends for all 2- and 3-way anchoring ties on the job. FA2 anchors have been designed especially for use on 2 x 4, 2 x 3 and 3 x 4 framing. Material… 18 and 20 ga. galvanized steel. Loads… (shown with directional arrow) are normal with 25% increase for maximum, and are based on laboratory tests. Special… the FAL and FAL5 anchor provides a plate to transfer the shear force to the blocking connection or rim joist from the top plate. The improved nail pattern helps prevent splitting of the wood members for both single/double top plate situations. Code Report Reference(s)… ER-0179 and FL14079-R4 The FALW Lateral Wall Framing Clip is designed with locator bending slots to aid proper installation to transfer shear loads between the top wall plates and the roof diaphram. The FALW can be used on wood or masonry walls the roof pitches can be adjusted from 1:12 to 12:12. FALW 5¾" Bendline 4½" 3¾" 5Z\," 4Z\x" 3C\v" FA1 FAL

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