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70 (800) 521-9790 BS BST BSH BSHA BSH BS5A (2 Holes) BST512 BS BSH BST BEAM SEATS Design Features… three different configurations for use over pilasters to provide bearing plate and connections for beams and glu-lam beams. PRODUCT CODE TABS REINFORCING DOWELS BS Single Bolt Alternate Two Bolts Two, 3 ⁄4" x 12" BSH Sloped Three, 3 ⁄4" x 12" BST Combination Two, 3 ⁄4" x 12" (1) The BSH models may be ordered to sizes shown in the BS table having lesser bearing dimensions and bearing values, but providing these beam-tie values. (2) The BST-5 1 ⁄4 is a WT4 WF8.5 Split-"T". The BST-6 1 ⁄2 is a WT4 WF12.0 Split-"T". (3) These values must be reduced 50% for uninspected installations. (4) Values may be increased for short-term, except where otherwise limited. Material… 1 ⁄4", 5 ⁄16" and 3 ⁄8" steel with erection nails provided for easy installation. Finish… SUPERSPEED ® gray paint. ANCHORS, STRAPS AND CLIPS ST36 WAW ( 3 ⁄4" x 6" x 6" Washer) WA WAH WAI WAL WAM WAW WALL ANCHORS/WASHERS Design Features… four configurations meet a variety of size and load specifications. The wall anchors are for repair work (upgrading to new code values) or as a substitute for a strap anchor (which is set in concrete). The wall anchor washers are made from 3 ⁄8" steel, 6" x 6". They secure the outside of walls to the roof or floor with a 3 ⁄4" all- thread or a 3 ⁄4" bolt. MaterIal… 16 ga., 12 ga. and 11 ga. galvanized steel, 3 ⁄8" plate, SUPERSPEED ® gray paint. Loads… hole patterns and locations are staggered and sized for l0d and 16d nails. The WAL anchor, with 3" spacing, is acceptable for wood I-joist use when l0d nailing is used. Special… the wall anchors are especially designed for true anchorage alignment over joists or purlins by bolting into concrete walls or foundations. The 1-piece design and seat thickness afford extra added strength. The WAW is the recommended washer for use with the WA wall anchors. GST ST STRAP TIES/GLU-LAM STRUT TIES Design Features… of the ST series make it ideal for tying purlins intersecting at a glu-lam beam… cross-member seismic tying the ST is also used for anchoring purlins to ledgers. Bolt and nail loads may not be combined. The GST series is designed to bridge over carrier beams and tie two opposing purlins with a minimum width of 4" nominal… thus creating a drag strut or chord tie. It is also a high value cross-member seismic tie. SERIES MATERIALS FINISH ST 12 Ga. Galvanized Steel — GST 1 ⁄4" Steel Painted Finish… GST SUPERSPEED ® gray paint Code Report Reference(s)… ESR-2929 6" 1¹⁄₁₆" 6¹⁄₂" 2³⁄₄" 3³⁄₄" ¹¹⁄₁₆" L WA WAL34 WAM WAI31 (For Wood I-Joist) WAH (WAH16 Similar) ( 5 ⁄8 Flat Head Rivet)

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