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68 (800) 521-9790 HCTSR2-25 5 /8" HCTSR3-31 5 /8" HCTSR4-37 5 /8" 12 ³/8" 3½" 1½" 3" TYP HHC3 HHC3T HHC HHC3M HHCM HHC3T Top View Installed in Pairs HCTS Shown with Round Holes 1 Side and Slotted Holes 1 Side HCTS4 (Shown with Slotted Holes) HCTS3 HHC HHC3 HEAVY HINGE CONNECTORS Design Features… support the bottom end of a glu-lam beam on the top of another supporting glu-lam beam of the same width and having the same top elevation. Seismic straps can be welded to side plate when H dimension is less than the minimum height requirement. Erection nail holes are provided for easy installation. Material… bearing plate: 3 ⁄4", 1", 1 1 ⁄4" and 1 1 ⁄2" steel. Welded to side plate of 3 ⁄16" steel. Finish… SUPERSPEED ® gray paint. Ordering/Specifying Information… all HHC using three bolts should be ordered and identified as HHC3 (Example: HHC5-9 with three bolts, specify as HHC359). Code Report Reference(s)… ESR-2929 HHCM HHCT HEAVY HINGE CONNECTOR TABS Design Features… standardized seismic ties on hinge connector. The HHCT standardized is the most commonly ordered HHC special. While the HHC3T design (as illustrated) is recommended, further modified alternates are available. HHCM design has slotted seismic ties as opposed pairs at the middle (centerline) of the HHC. T design denotes slotted tabs at top for HHC. M design denotes slotted tabs at middle (centerline) of HHC. Finish… SUPERSPEED ® gray paint. Specify… H dimension. Note… machine bolts should be located in the top half on the slotted holes. See the HHC table for minimum three bolt tabs height design. Available in higher load values by increasing the D dimension. Contact factory for details. Ordering/Specifying Information… all HHCM using four bolts in middle strap should be ordered and identified as HHC3/4M (Example: HHC5-9 with three bolt tabs and four bolt center straps, specify as HHC3/4M59). Special… if the depth of the glu-lam is smaller than the minimum listed, adjust allowable load in direct proportion to height. Code Report Reference(s)… ESR-2929 CPT CROSS PURLIN TIES Design Features… Supports purlins on either side of a glu-lam beam to resist seismic forces. The heavy square bar section works in both tension and compression. Designed for installation in pairs, the heavy square bar helps with drilling alignment. Offset in center section provides clearance for purlin hanger stirrups. Requires a 2 1 ⁄2" hole through the glu-lam beam for installation. Installation… Hanger seat depth 4" are for CPT 18 and CPT 23. Hanger Seat depth 6" are for CPT 27 and CPT 38. Material… 5 ⁄8" & 3 ⁄4" Bar Stock Finish… SUPERSPEED ® gray paint HCTSR (HCTS Similar) L1 L2 L 4" Typ - CPT18, 23, 27 4½" Typ - CPT38 HHC3/4M Glulam Purlin ⁵⁄₈"or ³⁄₄" Typical 2" HSH5 HSH HEAVY SADDLE HANGERS Design Features… accommodate heavier loads than the SH saddle hanger. Finish… SUPERSPEED ® gray paint. Ordering/Specifying Information… when specifying H1 and H2 dimensions, measure from underside of top channel to top of seat. Code Report Reference(s)… ESR-2929

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