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5 (800) 521-9790 REFERENCE NUMBER ALPHABETICAL LISTING ALPINE ENGINEERED The Alpine logo indicates products that are designed and manufactured by Alpine Construction Hardware. Alpine engineered connectors benefit from years of industry experience resulting in reliable, high quality products with superior load capacities and lower installation costs. Unless otherwise indicated, all other products not indicated with an Alpine logo are manufactured by KC Metal Products, Inc. (see contact information on page 6 for more information about this manufacturer). Ref. Series Description Page A FA1 Framing Anchor 74 A FA2 Framing Anchor 74 A LL Light Angle 92 A ML Medium Angle 92 AB AA Adjustable Anchor 90 ABU AAEL Adjustable Anchor Long 90 AC PB Post Beam Caps 80 ACE EPB End Post Beam Cap 80 ATS CADS California Anchor Down 104 CB HA Heavy Anchor 88 CBQ HAQ Heavy Anchor Quick 88 CBS HAS Heavy Anchor Stand Off 88 CBSQ HASQ Heavy Anchor Stand Off Quick 88 CC BC Beam Cap 84 CCC BCC Beam Cap Centered 84 CCO BCO Beam Cap No Legs 84 CF-R SBS Shelf Bracket Small 123 CFA CFA Concrete Form Angle 123 CPAI CSAI Strap Anchor I-Joist 96 CS RS Rolled Strap 118 CS/CMST RCS Retrofit Coil Strap 112 DSC DST Drag Strut Tie 72 DSP SPTD Stud Plate Tie Double 82 DTC TCD Truss Clip Double 78 DTT DDQ Deck Tension Ties 125 ECC EBC End Beam Cap 84 ECCL EBCL End Beam Cap "L" Type 84 ECCQ EBCQ End Beam Cap No Legs Quick 84 EG HBH Heavy Beam Hanger 66 EGQ HBHQ Heavy Beam Hanger Screw Type 64 EPB EA Elevated Anchor 90 EPC ESC End Splice Cap 86 FB FB Fence Bracket 123 FC MC Mullion Clip 80 FHA FHA Tie Strap 114 FTA FST Floor Strap Tie 102 GB RSG Roof Structure Hanger 38, 44 GH GH Girder Hanger 120 GH GHD Girder Hanger 120 GLB BS Beam Seats 70 GLBT BST Beam Seat "T" 70 GLS SH Saddle Hangers 66 GLST SHT Saddle Hanger/Seismic Tie 66 GLT BH Beam Hangers 66 GLTV BHSV Beam Hangers 62 H / HCP HT Hurricane Tie 76 H2.5A HA2.5 Hurricane Anchor/Tie 78 HBI RSOI Roof Structure Hanger I-Joist 58 HC3A HHC3 Heavy Hinge Connector 68 HCA HHC Heavy Hinge Connector 68 HCCTA HHCM Heavy Hinge Connector 68 HCT HHCT Heavy Hinge Connector 68 HD AD Anchor Down 100 HDA ADA Anchor Down 100 HDA ADB Anchor Down 100 HDA ADC Anchor Down Concentric 102 HGA GA Gusset Angle 92 HGB RSGH Roof Structure Hanger 38, 44 HGLB BSH Beam Seats 70 HGLB BCOB Beam Seat 84 HGLS HSH Heavy Saddle Hanger 68 HGLST HSHT Heavy Saddle Hanger/Seismic Tie 66 HGLTV BHV Beam Hangers 62 HGT GTH Girder Tiedown Heavy 94 HGUS HHDTP Heavy Heavy Duty Truss Plated Hanger 20 HGUSQ HHDTPQ Heavy Heavy Duty Truss Plated Hanger Quick 22 HH HH Header Hanger 80 HHB RSH Roof Structure Hanger 38, 44 HIT HTR Heavy Top Mount Hanger 56 HPA/HPAHD HSA Heavy Strap Anchor 96, 98 HSA GST Glulam Strut Tie 70 HST HTS Heavy Strap Tie 114 HSUL MSL Medium Skewed Left Hanger 12 HSUR MSR Medium Skewed Right Hanger 12 HTC TCH Truss Clip Heavy 78 HTC TH "T" Brace Heavy 92 HTS HTW Heavy Twist Strap 116 HTSC HTWC Heavy Twist Strap Centered 116 HTT WAH Wall Anchor Heavy 70 HU H Heavy Hanger 26, 38 HUC HR Heavy Hanger (Reverse) 26 HUCQ HRQ Heavy Hanger Quick (Reverse) 22 HUCTF HTFR Heavy Top Flange Hanger (Reverse) 28 HUS/MUS MDS Medium Double Shear Standard Truss Hanger NEW 14 HUSC HTPR Heavy Truss Plated Hanger (Reverse) 18 HUSCTF HTPTFR Heavy Truss Plated Top Flange Hanger (Reverse) 18 HUSTF HTPTF Heavy Truss Plated Top Flange Hanger 18 HUTF HTF Heavy Top Flange Hanger 28, 38 HW RHG Roof Hanger Glulam 38, 46 ITS TRS Hanger I-Joist 54 IUS ISU I-Joist Hanger 52 IUT SI Standard Hanger I-Joist 38, 62 Ref. Series Description Page JB/ITT TR Top Mount Hangers 44 L CA Clip Anchor 72 LBV RSV Joist and Purlin Hangers 58 LCB PAM Post Anchor Medium 90 LCE4 LEPB4 Post Beam Cap 80 LEG LBH Light Glulam Beam Hanger 39, 66 LFTA FSTL Floor Strap Tie Light 102 LGT GTL Girder Tiedown Light 94 LPC PTC Post Tie Caps 80 LS CAS Clip Anchor Screwable 72 LSSU LSS Light Sloped/Skewed Hanger 12 LSTA LS Light Tie Strap 110 LSTA/MSTA LMS Light/Medium Tie Strap NEW 110 LSTI LTSI Light Tie Strap I-Joist 114 LTHJ LHJT Light Hip Jack Truss Hanger 28 LTHJ LEHJ Light End Hip Jack Truss Hanger 36 LTHMA LMTH Light Multiple Truss Hanger 30 LTP FAL Framing Anchor Lateral Wall 74 LTT WA Wall Anchor 70 LTT-B WAL Wall Anchor Light 70 LTT/LTTI WAI Wall Anchor I-Joist 70 LU E Economy Hangers 12 LUS LDS Light Double Shear Standard Truss Hanger NEW 14 MA/MAB MA Mudsill Anchor 120 MAS MAS Mudsill Anchor Single Side 120 MBHA MBHG Masonry Beam Hanger 122 MEG MBH Medium Beam Hanger 66 MGT GTM Girder Tiedown Medium 94 MIT MTR Medium Top Mount Hanger 56 MIU MUI Medium Hanger I-Joist 64 MPAI MSAI Masonry Strap Anchor I-Joist 96 MSCPT MTHTF Multiple Truss Hanger Top Flange 32 MSTA MS Medium Strap 112 MSTA MTS Medium Tie Straps 106, 114 MSTC MTSC Tie Strap Countersunk 106, 114 MSTI MTSI Medium Tie Strap I-Joist 106, 114 MTHM MMTH Medium Multiple Truss Hanger 30 MTS MTW Medium Twist Straps 116 MTSA TSA Tie Straps 114 MTSC MTWC Medium Twist Strap Centered 116 MTT-B WAM Wall Anchor Medium 70 PA/PAHD SA Strap Anchors 96, 98 PAI SAI Strap Anchor I-Joist 96 PAT SAT Strap Anchors 96 PATM SAMT Strap Anchor Twist Masonry 96 PB PA Post Anchors 88 PBS PAS Post Anhcor Stand Off 88 PC SC Splice Strap 86 PCT CPT Cross Purlin Tie 68 PF PHS Purlin Hanger Single Sided NEW 42 PFD PHD Purlin Hanger Double Sided NEW 42 PS HPS Heavy Piling Strap 114 PSCL PC Post Caps 86 PSCL PC Plywood Clip Steel 123 RBC FALW Framing Anchor Lateral Wall 74 RP6 WAW Wall Anchor Washer 70 RPS RPS Tie Straps 124 RR RR Rafter Ridge Connectors 124 RSP SPTR Stud Plate Tie (Reverse) 82 S/HD ST/AD Steel Stud Hardware 65 S/HTT14 ST/WA14 Steel Stud Hardware 65 S/L ST/CA Steel Stud Hardware 65 S/LS ST/CAS Steel Stud Hardware 65 S/LTT20 ST/WA Steel Stud Hardware 65 SA ST Strap Tie 70 SBV SBB Shelf Bracket Big 123 SSP SPT Stud Plate Tie 82 SSP SPTS Stud Plate Tie Single 82 ST TS Tie Straps 114 STHD SSAD SuperSpeed ® Strap Anchor Down 98 SUL SSL Standard Skewed Left Hanger 12 SUR SSR Standard Skewed Right Hanger 12 T T "T" Brace 92 TA STA Stair Tread Angle 94 TBE TCB Truss Clip Bases 82 TGHR/L TGH2 (R/L) Truss Girder Hanger 32 THA STH Adjustable Strap Tie Hanger NEW 34 THAI STHI Adjustable Strap Tie Hanger I-Joist NEW 34 THGQ KCTHGQ Truss Girder Hanger 32 THJA MHJT Medium Hip/Jack Truss Hanger 30 THJU KTHJU Hip/Jack Truss Hanger 36 TJC37 KTJC37 Heavy Duty Joist and Truss Hanger 20 TS TW Twist Straps 116 VB KB Knee Brace 72 W R Roof Hangers 38, 46, 60 WMI RMI Masonry Hanger I-Joist 60 WMU RMU Masonry Hanger (Uplift) 60 WNP/WP RA Roof Hanger Angled 38, 46, 60 WNPI RAI Roof Hanger I-Joist 60 WPU RAU Roof Hanger (Uplift) 60

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