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32 (800) 521-9790 MTHTF2 MTHTF2-2 Top View MTHTF2-2 Similar Top View MTHTF2-N Similar MTHTF2 MTHTF2-2 MULTIPLE TRUSS HANGER TOP FLANGE Design Features… The MTHTF hanger is the largest capacity nail-on hanger available. This is a welded hanger designed to carry up to three trusses intersecting at one point into a double-ply girder truss. The top flange is notched at the center to accommodate vertical and diagonal web members in the girder truss. Material… • MTHTF2 – top flange 3 ga. steel, stirrup 11 ga. steel. • MTHTF2N – top flange 3 ga. steel, stirrup 11 ga. steel. • MTHTF2-2 – top flange 3 ga. steel, stirrup 7 ga. steel. • MTHTF2-2N – top flange 3 ga. steel, stirrup 7 ga. steel. Finish… SUPERSPEED ® gray paint. Installation… Distribute the total load evenly about the centerline to avoid an eccentric loading condition. • Multiple members must be fastened together by means other than the connector, to act as a single unit. • For MTHTF2 and MTHTF2N, a minimum 2 x 6 vertical member is required. For MTHTF2-2 and MTHTF2-2N, a minimum of 2 x 8 vertical member is required. • Bottom cord of header member must be a minimum of a 2 x 6. Options… For larger bottom cord, increase H 1 and H 2 accordingly. Maximum skew of hip stirrups is 45 degrees. For MTHTF2, maximum W 1 and W 2 is 3 7 ⁄16 inch. W 1 and W 2 must be the same. TGH2R (RIGHT) Truss Girder Hanger (Skewed) TGH2 (R/L) Skewed Right Header JOIST TGH2 (R/L) TRUSS GIRDER HANGERS SKEWED Design Features… for use with skewed multiple member girder truss conditions., specify right (R) or left (L). Fastener Schedule… • Carrying member, 2- 3 ⁄4 MB and 4-l0d nails. • Carried member, 9-10d nails. Material… 10 gage galvanized steel. Installation… use all specified fasteners. • Face nails are required to center the TGH2 R/L to the vertical carrying member. • 2 x 6 is the minimum vertical carrying member. • The total load must be evenly distributed about the centerline to avoid eccentric loading. • 2 x 8 is the maximum bottom chord carrying member to allow for the minimum bolt end distance. 2 x 10 bottom cord take 0.62 of the design load. TRUSS GIRDER HANGERS Design Features… the KCTHGQ and KCTHGQH are easier to install than bolted connections. The KCTHGQ and KCTHGQH are more economical than bolted connections. Material… 18 ga. galvanized steel. Special… the KCTHGQ and KCTHGQH install with screws (included). KCTHGQ KCTHGQH

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