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28 (800) 521-9790 Top View – Skewed Left Sloped Down Skewed Left HTFR412 (Reversed) HTF412 HTF HTFR HEAVY TOP FLANGE JOIST HANGERS Design Features… the addition of a top flange meets specifications for schools and public buildings, where added strength, support, and safety are prime requirements. Two design styles are available for applications and load-bearing flexibility. Stock No. Design Configuration HTF ( ) Standard HTF ( ) R Reversed face flange (turned in) for 3xs and larger joist sizes • Joist sizes… 2xs, 3xs, 4xs, 6xs, 8xs, double 2xs, triple 2xs, 3 1 ⁄8" and 5 1 ⁄8" glulam… also available on special order for rough beam and larger glulam sizes. When ordering, specify the W, D and H dimensions. Material… 12 ga. galvanized steel. Loads… two-plane nailing schedule offers extra support and load strength where mechanical vibration is a factor. Skewed and Sloped Hangers… (see page 38) available, specify angle (67 1 ⁄2° max.) and whether left or right, up or down. Not available in HTF( )R reversed flange styles. Due to the infinite variety of custom orders, skewed hangers and sloped hangers are not code evaluated. Design loads of the nearest equivalent hanger should be used as a general guide, subject to specific engineering designs. Code Report Reference(s)… ESR-2929 LHJT(L) LHJTR Hip Skewed 45° Right L= Left R = Right TOP VIEW LHJT LIGHT HIP/JACK TRUSS HANGERS Design Features… a hip/jack connection which is a single, non-welded formation for use with a lighter-loaded double girder truss. Specify left or right. Material… 18 ga. galvanized steel. Special… features of the LHJT include: • Distributes 75% of the total load to the hip member. Installation… use all specified fasteners • Must be attached to a double girder truss for required nail penetration. • All multiple members must be fastened together to act as a single unit. HIP JACK HEADER

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