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120 (800) 521-9790 FOUNDATION HARDWARE GH46 GH GHD GIRDER HANGERS Design Features… provide sturdy support for floor girder beams using the concrete foundation wall as the supporting element… eliminate need for pockets or inserts in the foundation wall… no pier at the foundation wall is needed… a 1 1 ⁄2" hole is provided in the top for a foundation bolt (not required for a design load)… also available for 3x mudsill application. The girder hanger can be ordered for skewed conditions. H = girder height mudsill thickness. Material… 12 ga. steel. Finish… SUPERSPEED ® gray paint. Code Report Reference(s)… ESR-2929 MAS MAS Installed For Installation Ease, Nail One Duplex Nail Into the Side Form Board MAS MUDSILL ANCHORS SINGLESIDE Design Features… install before pouring the concrete by nailing to the form or after the pour by inserting the MAS into the concrete. There is fast and simple nail attachment. Only six code- spaced nails are needed to drive into to the mudsill or directly to the stud (see MA above for more information). Material… 16 ga. galvanized steel. Sheathed Wall MA15 MA MUDSILL ANCHORS Design Features . . provide a faster, more economical and secure method for anchoring wood framing to masonry or concrete. MAs replace old-fashioned foundation bolts and nuts with a precision-formed anchor that can be pre- nailed to sill (for setting into screeded concrete) or positioned in concrete for easy addition of sill later. Complete flexibility is also provided by bendable top arms that can fit 2 x 4, 2 x 6 sills, or bent out of the way during construction. Design of anchors eliminates any movement due to shrinkage. Not Designed for . . installation in slabs poured over concrete block foundation walls or use where a horizontal cold joint exists between the slab and the footing or the foundation beneath it. Material . . 18 ga. galvanized steel. WFT8 SFC8 ( 3 ⁄4) Speed Form Clip SFC WFT W SPEED FORM CLIPS/ WEDGE FORM TIES Design Features… rigid, die-form design to assure a straight, true concrete wall without bulge or loss of concrete… provide a faster form erection without nails (not recommended for use on walls over 4 feet high)… the inside slot is for 1x lumber, the outside slot is for 2x lumber. Material… WFT, 18 ga. galvanized steel; SFC, 11 ga. steel. Wedge… 3 1 ⁄2" x 14 ga. galvanized steel.

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