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104 (800) 521-9790 The KC-SSTDS System is designed to provide for a continuous load path for multi-story resistance to overturning and uplift to high winds or earthquake events. The system utilizes multiple components as well as readily available wood framing members. The components are stocked and thus available for quick turnaround—no more expensive delays waiting for special hardware to be manufactured. ADSTG ADG CADS SCREW TYPE ANCHOR DOWNS Design Features… heavy gage load transfer plate reduces anchor down deflection… improved connection using screws instead of bolts… special screws have been tested and are included with ADSTG… galvanized steel for corrosion resistance… designed to easily fit on a 4x post… flat base makes for easier installation… ideal for retrofit applications. Heavy loaded anchor downs ADG, Anchor Down Screw Types, are tension products used to connect framing members to either concrete, using a suitable anchor bolt, or span between other framing members using threaded rods. For raised installation ADG anchor downs require a nut on both site of load transfer plate. The new ADG heavy duty anchor down combining high load capacity and minimizes deflection under load. With the use of a unique load transfer plate which is formed and pressed into the body of the anchor down creating a one piece structural unit. ADG 8-SDS3 8KIPS ADG12-SDS3 10KIPS ADG15-SDS3 15KIPS Material… 12 ga. galvanized steel… ADSTG 7 ga. galvanized steel… ADG 3 ⁄8" x 2 1 ⁄2" x 2 1 ⁄2" sq. washer hot dipped galvanized… ADG15 Finish… Galvanized steel Special… SUPERSPEED ® Drive Screws ™ are best installed with a low speed, or variable speed 1 ⁄2" drill and a 3 ⁄8" hex head driver. Loads… design loads are based on capacity of special screws (SUPERSPEED ® Drive Screws ™ ) 1 ⁄4" x 3 inch of 500 pounds each @ 133% duration. Nails or lag screws cannot be substituted and achieve the listed design loads. Special… SUPERSPEED ® Drive Screws ™ are furnished with the ADG Anchor Down for SUPERSPEED ® labor saving installation. SPTH4 ADG12 (Others Similar) ADST6G (Others Similar) SUPERSPEED ® Drive Screws ™ Used With This Product H W 1¼"

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