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84 (800) 521-9790 SUPERSPEED ® Drive Screws ™ Used With This Product SUPERSPEED ® Drive Screws ™ Used With This Product BCO Optional Welded 3 ⁄4" x 12" Rebar As Shown BCQ46 BCC EBC Rotated 90° 1 3 ⁄4" Unless Otherwise Specified BC66 ROTATED Straps can be rotated 90°, as shown EBCL _ _ (L) BCO6 EBC66 BCT End Type Cap = 8 1 ⁄2" EBCQ46 Beam Cap End Beam Cap BCOB66 BC BCC BCO BCOB BCQ BCT EBC EBCL EBCQ STUD PLATE TIES Design Features… eleven configurations provide complete application flexibility. Stock No. Design Configuration BC Standard beam cap BC/EBC@90° Standard or end beam caps; post straps may be rotated 90° on special order, when beam is larger than post EBC End beam cap EBC9/EBC10 Use four beam bolts BCO Beam cap for welding to square tubes, pipes and other columns BCOB Cross beam connector, the result of back-to-back welding of two beam caps BCC Center beam caps with 3 ⁄16" stirrups (2) welded to cap BCT "T" beam caps with 3 ⁄16" stirrups (1) welded to cap EBCL "L" beam cap offset right or left with 3 ⁄16" stirrups (1) welded to cap BCQ EBCQ NEW… this design uses SUPERSPEED ® Drive Screws ™ to provide faster installation and maintain the wood cross section. The SDS screws provide for a lower profile compared to standard through bolts. BCQ supplied with SUPERSPEED ® SDS 1 ⁄4" x 2" Drive Screws ™ . To specify screw type beam caps use the letter "Q" after any style beam cap stock number. Example: BC 5 1 ⁄4– 6 now is BC Q 5 1 ⁄4– 6. "Q" stands for quick installation. Material… BC, BCQ, EBC and EBCQ sizes: 3 1 ⁄4", 4X and 6X are 3 ⁄16" steel. All other sizes are 1 ⁄4" steel. Finish… SUPERSPEED ® gray paint. Loads… BCC, BCT and EBCL series: the side stirrups maximum allowable down load may not exceed 40% of the design load specified in the table for the standard product, and cannot exceed 10,665 lbs. The total sum of the loads may not exceed the design load table value… Special… also available in width of 7 1 ⁄8" for use with LVL and PSL engineered wood products. Ordering/Specifying Information… When ordering, these beam caps are shown with an 'X' at the end of the part name. For example: BC4X – beam in the first number, 4 (3 9 ⁄16"); post size is the X, which is specified at the time of ordering. If you wish to order a BC46, specify BC4X with a 6 post size. BCC66 – W3&4 = 6 (5½"), and H2 & H3 = 6½" is a BC66 beam cap with 6 (5½") beams on each side with all beam seats flush. EBCL66L – W3 = 4 (3 9 ⁄16"), H2 = 8 is an EBC66 end beam cap with a 4x (3 9 ⁄16") beam on the left side (specify beam L for left side beam stirrup). The stirrup seat is 1 1 ⁄2" below the cap seat. Specify the height of the stirrup from the top of the cap. The minimum H for the stirrup is 6 1 ⁄2". The L dimensions may vary depending on W3. On order forms the naming convention follows some new rules. 1. The respective BC/BCQ/EBC/EBCQ Series name remains 2. The Width of the SKU remains 3. The Post width (legs) now varies and is indicated with an X When ordering, specify the Series/Width SKU and then specify a desired post size. (For example, to order a BC46, specify a BC4X and then specify 6 for the post size) Code Report Reference(s)

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