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80 (800) 521-9790 HH4 HH MC MULLION CLIPS/HEADER HANGERS Design Features… offers greater economy in installing door and window headers with faster, more accurate installation that strengthens the frame and eliminates toe-nailing and the need for cripples. HH hangers can also be used for other cross-member detail applications. In addition, design features provide dimensional accuracy for metal support of vertical or lateral loads at the window sill member and at the post or mullion member. Dimensional accuracy is also provided for fast, accurate framing for fence construction and other framing applications. For added strength, clip nails are in three dimensions. Material… 18 ga. galvanized steal. PB4 EPB LEPB4 PB POST BEAM CAPS Design Features… offer complete installation flexibility before, during or after beams are erected… all corners are enclosed for added structural strength and a clean, neat appearance. EPB… end post beam cap can be specified as EPB4, EPB6, etc. PB… post beam caps should be used in pairs (see illustration). Post beam caps are also available on special order for rough beam sizes. Material… 18 ga. galvanized steel. PB4 and PB6 not offered with G185 coating. Loads… nail hole pattern and location are staggered and sized for 16d nails; optional triangle holes are or maximum nailing loads. Special… The new LEPB4 is a universal product that eliminates the need for right and left hand parts and can also be used for 4x and 6x timbers with high load capacity. Code Report Reference(s) PTC4 PTC POST TIE CAPS Design Features… used to tie 4x posts to 3" members (PTC4), or 6x posts to 3" members (PTC6). Material… PTC4, 18 ga. galvanized steel; PTC6, 16 ga. galvanized steel. Installation… used in pairs… makes PTC adjustable. POST CAPS

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