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54 (800) 521-9790 TRS TOP MOUNT HANGERS (GRIP LOCK™ TO WOOD I-JOIST) The TRS series hanger is a cross design style between the hybrid SUI series and the standard TR series. The TRS hangers are designed and engineered for shallow flange and standard flange I-joist (1Z\ ," and 1 1 ⁄2") flange thickness. Both hangers are combined to create the new TRS series hanger. This new TRS hanger is a fast (self jigging) and high load value hanger at a value price using economy engineering for the construction framing labor force. The top flange sets the height for the TRS hanger and the wood I-joist. First nail top flange down into header, secound, nail header face nails, third, push wood I-joist into place. (No joist nails are required). SUPERSPEED ® Grip Lock ™ is the fastening system - no squeaks! If nails are required for wood I-joist bottom flange use tabs as a guide for angle nailing. Some hanger series have triangle holes in header for (minimum and maximum) nailing and design loads. Design Features… Positive control dies and prime quality galvanized steel ensure a perfectly flat 1-piece joist seat and 90° flange for accurate header connections. WOOD I-JOIST SIZES 2 series (2x) – W = 1 9 ⁄16" 25 series – W = 1 13 ⁄16" 2.06 series – W = 2 1 ⁄16" 35 series – W = 2 3 ⁄8" 3 series (3x) – W = 2 9 ⁄16" 4 series (4x) – W = 3 9 ⁄16" Material… 2" section – 18 ga. galvanized steel. Note… web stiffeners and backing blocks may not always be required. Consult the engineered wood I-joist manufacturer for web stiffener and backing block requirements, and recommended nailing schedule for each. W 2" TF D H IMPORTANT Design loads are for joist hangers. They are NOT wood I-joist load values (see the Design Load Product catalog of the engineered wood I-joist manufacturer). SUPERSPEED ® Grip Lock ™ Seat Secures Wood I-joists in Position Without Nails. (Optional Shown with Nails) TRS314 TRS

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