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52 (800) 521-9790 IMPORTANT Design loads are for joist hangers. They are NOT wood I-joist load values (see the Design Load Product catalog of the engineered wood I-joist manufacturer). ISU FACE MOUNT HANGERS (SELF-JIGGING TO HEADER) Design Features… The ISU series hanger is a modified face mount and top mount flange hanger engineered for shallow flange and standard flange wood I-joist (1Z\ ," and 1 1 ⁄2") flange thickness. The new ISU self jigging locator tabs (top flange) for face mount hangers, no more measuring for height of hanger and wood I-joist. Just locate hanger to the header and get ready to nail the hanger flange first, and then second, push the wood I-joist into the hanger joist section (joist nails are not required) SUPERSPEED ® Grip Lock ™ is the fastening system - no squeaks! If nails are required for wood I-joist bottom flange use tabs as a guide for angle nailing. Some hanger series have triangle holes in header for (minimum and maximum) nailing and design loads. Positive control dies and prime quality galvanized steel ensure a perfectly flat 1-piece joist seat and 90° flanges for accurate header connection: guarantee uniformity and high quality. WOOD I-JOIST SIZES 2 series (2x) – W = 1 9 ⁄16" 25 series – W = 11 3 ⁄16" 2.06 series – W = 2 1 ⁄16" 35 series – W = 2 3 ⁄8" 3 series (3x) – W = 2 9 ⁄16" 4 series (4x) – W = 3 9 ⁄16" Material… 2" section – 18 ga. galvanized steel. Note… web stiffeners and backing blocks may not always be required. Consult the engineered wood I-joist manufacturer for web stiffener and backing block requirements, and recommended nailing schedule for each. W 1 3 / 16 " TF D H SUPERSPEED ® Grip Lock ™ Seat Secures Wood I-joists in Position Without Nails. (Optional Shown with Nails) ISU314 ISU I-JOIST CONNECTORS

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