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6 (800) 521-9790 THIRD-PARTY MANUFACTURERS Certain products in this catalog are manufactured by KC Metal Products, Inc. for Alpine Construction Hardware. A manufacturer of structural connectors for over 40 years, KC Metal Products is a devoted, trusted and highly talented family owned American business based in San Jose, CA. KC Metal Products, Inc. 1960 Harthog Dr., San Jose, CA 95131 Phone: (408) 436-8754 Fax: (408) 436-0938 EVALUATION INFORMATION ICC — International Code Council 5360 South Workman Mill Rd. Whittier, CA 90601 Phone: (562) 699-0543 Fax: (562) 695-4694 Evaluation Service Report Nos. 2860, 5033, 2860 DSA — Department of the State Architects 1300 "I" Street, Suite 800 Sacramento, CA 95814 Phone: (916) 445-0783 Fax: (916) 327-3371 (916) 445-3521 LA City — City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety 411 City Hall Los Angeles, CA 90012 Phone: (213) 485-2376 Fax: (213) 847-0985 Report Nos. 24197 and 25209/ Division 91 Fabricators License No. 00986 • Tests conducted under the supervision of an ICC- and IAPMO-recognized independent testing laboratory having adequate experience and equipment to conduct such tests. • Descriptive literature, detailed drawings, calculations and load test reports must be submitted. With this information, the connectors are designed with a safe, sound load in accordance with the Uniform Building Code. • All welding is performed by certified welders and is quarterly inspected by an ICC-recognized quality control agency. • Quality control manual requiring each product to be individually inspected in all phases of manufacturing, including first piece and in-process inspections conducted before and after painting. • Material description, including material mill certifications (ASTM designation), available upon request. Only prime-quality steel is used, and all steel is ordered based on strength, thickness, formability, weldability and finish. • Annual document re-examination required. The following conditions must be met to receive item evaluation/acceptance on wood hangers and framing devices. The products in this catalog are evaluated by the following code authorities: IAPMO – International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials 4755 E. Philadelphia St. Ontario, CA 91761 Phone: (909) 472-4100 Fax: (909) 472 -4150 EVALUATION REPORTS AGENCY CODE LISTING DESCRIPTION ICC ESR-2126 Paslode ® Positive Placement ® nails for use in structural applications ESR-2860 Wall Bracing, Bridging, Coil Strapping, Embossed Tie Straps, etc. ESR-3326 Galvanized Positive Placement ® nails for use in ACQ and other treated woods. ESR-5033 SUPERSPEED ® Anchor Bolts/Anchor Downs/Strap Anchors/Wall Anchors/Retrofit Connectors IAPMO ER-0176 Tie Straps, Twisted Straps, Rolled Straps, Anchors, Load Share Clips, Bracers ER-0179 Joist Hangers, Anchors, End Jack/Hip Jack Hangers, Top Flange Hangers State of Florida FL-14079 Joist Hangers, Anchors, End Jack/Hip Jack Hangers, Top Flange Hangers, Tie Straps, Load Share Clips, Twisted Straps, Rolled Straps, etc. No Code Listing — Call Alpine Customer Service for current information Other Code Acceptance: • City of Los Angeles No. RR24197 and 25209/Fabricators License No. 00986. Meets California Division of Architects (OSA), FHA and HUD Standards. Notes: • For products without a code listing, please call Alpine Customer Service at (800) 521-9790 to obtain test data. • Code reports can be issued and updated throughout the year. Visit,,,, or for current information about Alpine Construction Hardware and other manufacturers' products. • For easy identification of the manufacturer of a product, all parts are stamped with the manufacturer name/logo (e.g. Alpine), the evaluation number, part number and/or series label or barcode.

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