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46 (800) 521-9790 R410 RA414 Skewed Right (Welded) Top Flange Offset Pictured Left Saddle Version Sloped Down (Welded) R RA RHF RHG RHGF ROOF JOIST/PURLIN HANGERS Design Features… of the R series offer a wide application flexibility, particularly to the panelized construction industry, including seven different versions: (1) Standard versions (2) Skewed versions (3) Offset versions (4) Saddle versions (5) Seat sloped versions (6) Top flange angled down versions (7) Top flange open/closed versions Additional design features provide easier, faster installation and greater load capacities and strength: • Superior flange design • Higher load values • Stirrup design fully maximizes metal surface area where it is vital to construction needs. R – 2xs, 3xs and 4xs. RA – 3xs, 4xs, 6xs and double 2xs. RHG – glulam sizes. Material… 12 ga., 3 ⁄16" and 1 ⁄4" prime quality steel. R and RA series – 12 ga. and 3 ⁄16" steel. Loads… maximum ultimate load values are calculated from independent laboratory tests conducted in accordance with code criteria, with a minimum safety factor of three. All nail holes must be filled with correct nails to achieve design loads! Uplift Values… are the result of extensive testing programs conducted in conformity with criteria set forth by the ICC. (HNP) Hayward Nail Pattern is also available for additional uplift. To order Uplift sizes add "U" to stock No. (example RHU616). Finish… SUPERSPEED ® gray paint. Design Dimensions… H is sized to account for normal joist shrinkage. Specify if special H dimensions are required. W dimensions listed are for dressed timber widths as noted. Specify if special W dimensions are required. Ordering/Specifying Information: Skewed… add SK to stock no., direction and angle of skew. (Example: R210X SKL 30°, R = Right, L = Left) Offset… add OS to stock no. and direction of offset, left or right. (Example: R210X 0SL, R = Right, L = Left) Saddle… add S to stock no. and width of supporting beams. (Example: R210X S = 5 1 ⁄4) Sloped Seat… add SL to stock no. and angle of slope (up or down). (Example: R210XSLU15°, D = Down, U = Up) Top Flange Angled Down… add TFD to stock no., direction and angle. (Example: R210X TFDL15°, R = Right, L = Left) Top Flange Open… add TFO to stock no. and angle. (Example: R210X TFO20°, C = Closed, O = Open) Any of the above are available in a combination hanger. (Example: Offset right, skewed 45° left, sloped down 15°). (R210X OSR/SKL45°/SLD15°). Skewed and Sloped Hangers… available, specify angle (5O° max.) and whether left or right, up or down. Due to the infinite variety of custom orders, skewed hangers and sloped hangers are not code evaluated. Design loads of the nearest equivalent hanger should be used as a general guide, subject to specific engineering designs. Hangers may be welded to steel headers with 1 ⁄8" for R and 3 ⁄16" for RA by 1 1 ⁄2" fillet welds located at each end of the top flange. Weld-on applications produce maximum design load listed. Uplift loads do not apply to this application. Code Report Reference(s) Angled Down Right H = High Side Double Angled

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