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44 (800) 521-9790 RSH414 RS210 Weld-On Application Optional Installation with Code-Approved Power Actuated Systems Nailer (Sleeper) Application RSG RSGH RSH ROOF STRUCTURE JOIST AND PURLIN HANGERS Design Features… the RS hanger series provide the architect and builder with a wide variety of product sizes and load capacities in 14 ga., 12 ga. galvanized or 3 ⁄16" prime quality steel. The series is designed primarily for use in panelized roof construction. One-piece design from positive control dies also incorporates easy access, full side flanges for added support… increased bearing areas (D and TF) for greater load capacity. There are no elongated holes. Material… 14 ga. and 12 ga. heavy-coated galvanized steel or 3 ⁄16" prime quality steel. Weldable, non-toxic hot roll sheet is available for steel fabricators. RS3x, 4x, 6x – 12 ga. galvanized steel. RSH, RSG, RSGH – 3 ⁄16" prime quality steel. Nails… RSH, RSG and RSGH N25, furnished. Finish… RSH, RSG and RSGH SUPERSPEED ® gray paint. Design Dimensions… H is sized to account for normal joist shrinkage. Specify if special H dimensions are required. W dimensions listed are for dressed timber widths as noted. W dimensions for RSH, RSG and RSGH in glulam sizes will be slightly oversize to facilitate erection. Laminated and other special hangers are made to order. The standard H dimensions found in the adjoining tables have an allowance to compensate for common shrinkage conditions. Specify if W dimensions are required. Loads… average ultimate load values are calculated from independent laboratory tests conducted in accordance with code criteria, with a minimum safety factor of three. Uplift Values… are the result of extensive testing programs conducted in conformity with criteria set forth by the ICC. (HNP) Hayward Nail Pattern is also available for additional uplift. To order Uplift sizes add "U" to stock No. (example RSU616). Welding… on saddle hangers (illus.) is done by SUPERSPEED ® certified welders. Saddle Hangers… are available and made to the engineer's specifications. They may be used for most conditions except at end wall and are especially recommended for nailer (sleeper) applications. Specify S dimensions as well as W and H dimensions. Skewed Hangers… (see page 38) Sloped Hangers… available, specify angle and whether sloped up or down. Due to the infinite variety of custom orders, sloped hangers are not code evaluated. Design loads of the nearest equivalent hanger should be used as a general guide, subject to specific engineering design. This series may be used for weld-on applications. The minimum required weld to the top flanges is 1 ⁄8" x 2" fillet weld to each side of each top flange tab. Distribute the weld equally on both top flanges. Weld- on applications produce the maximum design loads listed. Uplift loads do not apply to this application. Code Report Reference(s) Sloped Down TR26N TR TOP MOUNT HANGERS Design Features… provide economical production framing with potential additional savings when hanger is pre-nailed onto carrying members. Positive control dies and prime quality galvanized steel ensure a perfectly flat 1-piece joist seat and 90° flanges for accurate header connections. Top flange design provides automatic self-jigging. • Joist sizes… 2 x 4 through 2 x 16. Material… 18 ga. galvanized steel. Prongs… no joist nailing… provide faster, easier installation. Special… for pole barn construction, use the TR24N or the TR26N with nailing into the joist, as needed. Code Report Reference(s)

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