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40 (800) 521-9790 HANGER OPTIONS GENERAL NOTES The following options and adjustments factors are applicable only on hangers manufactured by Alpine Inc. or approved manufacturers. Testing of modified hangers is done using the same basic criteria as is used for testing standard hangers submitted for ICC recognition. In some cases testing of all options available for a specific hanger simultaneous may not be possible. In these cases the option that produces the lowest allowable load is used to determine the adjustment factor required. The supporting member (header) is always assumed fixed during actual installation. Horizontal forces resulting in sloped hanger geometry must be resisted by additional components in the structural system. MATERIAL: The gage of steel used in the manufacture of modified hangers may vary from that specified for non-modified hangers depending on the manufacturing process. The number and location of fasteners may vary from non-modified hangers. FINISH: Hangers which require welding, to accommodate various options will be painted after fabrication. Non-galvanized hangers may be hot-dipped galvanized after fabrication if specified at time of order; specify HDG. CODES: Due to the infinite number of variations possible, modified hangers do not have specific ICC recognition. The basic hanger is used with adjustments to allowable load where applicable. ALLOWABLE LOADS: For multiple options existing on the same hanger, use the adjustment factor that provides for the lowest allowable load. INSTALLATIONS: 1) The number of fasteners provided for may be more than specified for non-modified hangers. All fasteners must be used to achieve allowable loads. 2) For skewed type "A" hangers joist ends must be bevel-cut. For skewed type "B" hangers joist ends may be butt-cut. 3) Sloped seat top flange hangers must be backed. 4) Non-standard nails specified are provided with product. R410 X SLD30° SKL20° TFDL20° TF020° OSR° Standard Stock Model D=Seat Sloped Down (30°) (U=Seat Up) L=Skewed Left (20°) Top Flange Down Left (20°) R=Right TF=Top Flange Open (20°) C=Closed Offset Top Flange Right (OSR=Offset) Top Flange Right L=Left X=Special

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