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26 (800) 521-9790 SLOPED DOWN Top View – Skewed Left SKEWED LEFT "H" Hanger with Triangle Nailing (Max Type Nailing) CUSTOM "H" HANGER HR416 REVERSED H416 H HR HEAVY JOIST HANGERS Design Features… constant dimensional accuracy and precision controlled 90° angles assure proper joist bearing (flat seat) and header connection and alignment. This design reliability is the result of using positive-control dies, automated machinery, skilled operators, and prime quality galvanized steel. Two design styles are available for application and load-bearing flexibility. Stock No. Design Configuration H ( ) Standard H ( ) R Reversed face flange (turned in) for 3xs and larger joist sizes Custom H hangers are available on special order with face flange configurations to suit a variety of special applications. New additional triangle nailing gives higher load values for the larger load requirements. Achieve your extra margin of safety without using N20 nails, which may split the wood. • Joist sizes… 2xs, 3xs, 4xs, 6xs, 8xs, double 2xs and triple 2xs… also available on special order for rough beam and glulam sizes. When ordering, specify the W, D and H dimensions. Material… 14 ga. galvanized steel. Stainless steel joist hangers are available for H (16 ga. austenitic nickel chromium stainless steel). Type 304 is a special order only. Loads… nailing schedule and design load capacities are consistent with those obtained in independent laboratory tests. The new nailing schedule designated by triangle shaped holes produces increased load values. This additional nailing replaces the obsolete HD hangers. The values listed as "max" on the item table correspond to the HD load values shown in the ICC Evaluation Service Report 2929. Special… modified H hangers can be obtained with one flange turned inside, with both flanges in the same direction as the joist side, or with only one flange bent and one unbent for asymmetrical designs. Specify rights and lefts. Skewed and Sloped Hangers… (see page 38) available, specify angle (67 1 ⁄2° max.) and whether left or right, up or down. Not available in H( )R reversed flange styles. Due to the infinite variety of custom orders, skewed hangers and sloped hangers are not code evaluated. Design loads of the nearest equivalent hanger should be used as a general guide, subject to specific engineering designs. Code Report Reference(s)

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