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102 (800) 521-9790 ADC ANCHOR DOWN CONCENTRIC Design Features… offer the builder a new style anchor down concentric to eliminate bending on the stud. Easier and faster to install using SUPERSPEED ® Drive Screws ™ which are included with the product and not the old style bolts which are not included and are labor intensive sometimes missed sized or ordered wrong. 1. Easier Installation 2. High design Loads 3. Lower cost of installing product Material… 10 ga. galvanized steel (strap and base) 3 ⁄4" steel washer (slotted 3 ⁄8" for adjustment) Sizes… for 2-2X, 4X and 2-2 x 6 members. (Members must be installed centered for use as post) Loads… ADC Anchor Down Concentric has two design load capacities which have been increased by 33 1 ⁄3% of seismic applications. Special… ADC Anchor Down Concentric can be used with product line of SUPERSPEED ® anchor bolts. Anchor bolt nuts should be finger tight plus 1/2 to 1/3 turn with a wrench as stated by ASTM test standards for anchor bolts. B H Inspection Hole W Load Transfer Plate C L ADC ADC 10/22 – SDS2 (Others Similar) SUPERSPEED ® Drive Screws ™ Used With This Product FST FSTL FST FSTL FLOOR STRAP TIES Design Features… the floor strap ties are especially designed for use as a tension tie for floor-to-floor application. The FST takes the place of two comparably sized ADs or ADAs and the threaded rod, resulting in construction economies and labor-saving installation. Material… 16 ga. galvanized, 12 ga. and 1/4" steel. Finish… SUPERSPEED ® gray paint. Special… the FST standard model has a clear span of 17" so it will accommodate up to a 12" joist. The clear span can be increased with increases to overall lengths. If wood is subject to shrinkage, specify slotted bolt holes in the FST. The FSTL should not be used if wood shrinkage is expected between floors. Code Report Reference(s) MSP MUDSILL PLATE WASHERS Design Features… The new MSP Mudsill plate replaces traditional washers and provides stronger connections. The MSP improves the bolt to wood connection by gripping the mudsill. Oversized anchor bolt holes may allow the house to shift up to 1/4" before the bolt begins to restrain movement. Damage and possible failure of the structure can be reduced by using a MSP mudsill plate. The MSP works by transferring the load from the anchor bolt through the gripper prongs on the MSP and into the mudsill. Sizes… 1 ⁄2" and 5 ⁄8" – diameter of anchor bolt. Material… 14 ga. galvanized steel. Torque Grips

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