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FloorMaster Floor Truss Production System

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FloorMaster ©2017 Alpine, a division of ITW Building Components Group Inc. Form L1008-R3 10/17 The Alpine FloorMaster is a complete system to assemble trusses and embed plates. The Alpine FloorMaster makes floor truss production easy. Reduce labor costs by leaving the hard work to the FloorMaster. Material handling is minimized by the FloorMaster's standard flipping and power lift-out features. When it is time to plate the back of the truss, the Alpine FloorMaster effortlessly flips the floor truss reducing stress on the operators. When the plates have been pressed, power lift-outs elevate the truss making it easy to remove the truss from the machine. Alpine's FloorMaster is the strongest floor truss machine in the industry. Solid welds and a substantial gantry insure plates are completely embedded on two trusses with each gantry pass. With the FloorMaster, there is no need for a finish roller. ■ Automatic depth clamping ■ Trackless roller gantry ■ Integrated plate staging area ■ Ease of operation Alpine FloorMaster ™ floor truss production system Each truss ejects on rollers at waist height. This system reduces strain on operators handling finished trusses. ▪ PRODUCTIVE ▪ DURABLE ▪ VERSATILE ▪ SAFE

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