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26 AutoSet Plus P R O D U C T M A N U A L EN Step 4. Use the manual jog switch (Figure 61) of the selected axis to move the puck to the desired location. Selected puck will move in supper slow speed when jog switch is activated NOTICE Never use a powered tool to turn the bolt and acme rod. The high RPM generated by using a power tool will cause the servo motor to generate back current. This back current will cause the servo drive to fail. NOTE Scribe marks (figure 62) are created during the installation after the initial calibration. These marks can be used to calibrate a puck to the initial calibration position if it loses calibration. Figure 61 Scribe Marks Figure 62 Step 5. Click Set Calibrate on the Maintenance Screen. First turn the switch of the target group, then push the joystick to operate the liftouts of the selected group: Liftout Up – Raise Liftouts Liftout Down – Lower Liftouts NOTE In case the computer or the motion control system is down, liftouts can still function from the gantry operator console using the group selection switches and the joystick. The group select switches identify groups per last active setup. NOTE Only one group activate a liftout at any given moment. NOTE On systems with more than one gantry head, only one operator may activate liftouts at any given time. Communicate with the other gantry operator so that liftouts are not activated simultaneously. 5. Calibration To calibrate an axis, follow the steps below: Step 1. Click Tools on the Main Screen to open the Maintenance Screen (Section 3.10) Step 2. Select the axis that needs calibration (Section 3.10) Step 3. Click Prepare for Calibration. (Figure 60) Figure 60

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