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"The mathematical sciences particularly exhibit order, symmetry and limitation; and these are the greatest forms of the beautiful." Aristotle Ancient Greek Philosopher, 384 BC-322 BC Symmetry Equals Strength Cold-formed steel structural members are designed in accordance with the "North American Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members" (AISI S100). Slender structural members that are subjected to axial compression, such as load-bearing studs and most truss members, must be designed to resist up to four types of stresses due to buckling. The physical shape of the member can nullify many of these buckling modes via symmetry. Simply stated, symmetrical cross-sectional shapes have higher load-carrying capacity than non-symmetric members. Symmetry in Truss Members Trusses are composed of chords and webs that act together to create a structural component capable of supporting specific enviornmental loads (snow, gravity, wind and seismic) and dead loads as specified by the building designer. Symmetry of truss members provides a superior product in both design and field application. Symmetry . Singly Symmetric Doubly Symmetric Point Symmetric TrusSteel Chord TrusSteel Welded Tube Web TrusSteel Roll Formed Z-Web Load Path Ÿ Symmetric U-shaped chord members do not subject fasteners to eccentricity, Ÿ Symmetric web members not subject to torsional bucking require less field- installed bracing, Ÿ Symmetric Z-Web has been designed so its principle axis is the same as the X-Y axis, thus alleviating principle axis buckling. Ÿ Symmetrical U-Shaped chord members create a safer maneuvering landscape for the installation contractor than shapes such as cees and zees, Ÿ Most symmetrical shapes generally have return lips, eliminating sharp edges and in turn delivering a safer product to the field, Ÿ TrusSteel's symmetric system weight is much less than unsymmetrical systems.

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