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ALS 4.0 Small Parts Conveyor

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The small parts conveyor is available as a left-hand or right-hand configuration, depending on the ALS 4.0 small parts exit location: Improves efficiency by moving useful small parts out from under the ALS 4.0 Linear Saw Reduces time and effort collecting useful small parts Increases safety by delivering parts to a convenient pickup location NEW SMALL PARTS CONVEYOR Improves ALS 4.0 Material Flow ALS 4.0 Small Parts Conveyor APN Left-Hand Configuration 38347 Right-Hand Configuration 38348 An installation and maintenance manual is provided with the conveyor. The Alpine Equipment team presents a new material conveyor for the ALS 4.0. The conveyor is designed to enhance customer productivity by improving efficiency and material flow. The conveyor design enables small parts to be delivered from the saw exit to an easy-to-reach location. Easier access to parts increases safety and prevents accidental bumping of the Estop button.

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