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2 AutoSet C4 ™ P R O D U C T M A N U A L EN ! WARNING Read the following warnings before using this equipment. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE EMPLOYER TO PROVIDE THIS INFORMATION TO THE OPERATOR OF THE EQUIPMENT. ADDITIONAL COPIES ARE AVAILABLE, CALL ALPINE EQUIPMENT CUSTOMER SERVICE: 8005219790. WEAR SAFETY GLASSES Failure to wear safety glasses with side shields could result in serious eye injury or blindness. KEEP EQUIPMENT GUARDS IN PLACE Do not operate the equipment if the safety devices have been removed. KNOW WHERE ESTOP SWITCHES ARE LOCATED If equipment malfunctions or a situation becomes present where immediate shutoff is necessary. LOCKOUT TAGOUT Always perform OSHA lock- out, tag-out when servicing equipment. This includes power and air. De-energize and de-pressurize all systems that hold current or air pressure. Read the following safety information before using this equipment: In this installation guide, the words WARNING, CAUTION and NOTE are used to emphasize important safety information as follows: ! CAUTION Hazards or unsafe practices that could result in minor personal injury, product or property damage. ! WARNING Hazards or unsafe practices that could result in severe personal injury, death or substantial property damage. NOTE Important installation, operation or maintenance information. For more information, see Alpine Manual M1002—"Equipment Safety Precautions". Additional copies of the safety procedures can be ordered by calling 800-521-9790. INSPECT EQUIPMENT DAILY Broken or worn machine parts can cause damage to equipment. PINCH POINTS Moving equipment, sliding doors and clamping devices can cause pinch points for operators and maintenance staff. AUTOMATED EQUIPMENT With automatic equipment, the hazard of an unannounced startup is present. ASSEMBLY EQUIPMENT Crush hazard is present with Alpine assembly systems. Failure to inspect safety systems could increase the probability of a crush hazard occurring. CLOTHING AND JEWELRY Loose clothing could be caught on moving machine parts. Jewelry, including rings, should never be worn when operating equipment. MAINTAIN A CLEAN WORK AREA A cluttered/dirty workspace could cause injury to personnel and equipment. WEAR SAFETY SHOES Wearing safety shoes will help prevent toe and foot injuries. Nail plates are commonplace in truss manufacturing facilities. Wearing safety shoes can protect your feet if you a step on a nail plate. NEVER MODIFY EQUIPMENT Modification could damage equipment or cause it to operate improperly. Modified equipment could cause a safety risk to operators. ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT High voltage equipment is utilized. Arcing in areas of flammable or combustible materials may occur. Personnel are exposed to high voltage during operation and maintenance. Protection against inadvertent arcing that may cause a fire or explosion is lost if safety circuits are disabled during operation. Loose electrical connections could cause damage to components on your Alpine Equipment. Electrical shock can occur while working in the electrical cabinet. ALWAYS READ MANUAL AND TRAIN OPERATORS Failure to read and understand the manual could cause equipment- related hazards to operators. All employees should read the equipment manual and have access to it at all times while operating Alpine equipment. NEVER MISUSE EQUIPMENT Deviating from proper use of equipment could damage equipment and seriously injure the operator. WEAR GLOVES To avoid splinters, employees handling wood products should wear protective gloves. Electrical components and moving parts become hot during normal operating conditions. Be cautious and wear insulated gloves when working with these components. See ANSI Standard 105-2011 for specifications on hand protection.

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