STH Adjustable Stap Hanger Series

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Construction Hardware 888 Forest Edge Drive Vernon Hills, IL 60061 (800) 521-9790 © 2015, Alpine, a division of ITW Building Components Group Inc. Form L1021-R2 12/15 Connect with Alpine and build your business. Alpine Part Name ExisƟng Part Name (no longer supported) Reference SKU STH213 ATH213 THA213 STH218 ATH218 THA218 STH29 ATH29 THA29 STH29-2 - - STH413 ATH413 THA413 STH418 ATH418 THA418 STH422 ATH422 THA422 STH422-2 ATH422-2 THA422-2 STH426 ATH426 THA426 STH426-2 ATH426-2 THA426-2 STHI1.81/22 ATHI1.81/22 THAI1.81/22 STHI222 ATHI222 THAI222 STHI422 ATHI422 THAI422 STHR422-2 - THAC422-2 STHR426-2 - THAC426-2 STH218-2 ATH218-2 THA218-2 STH222-2 ATH222-2 THA222-2 STHI322 ATHI322 THAI322 The chart below provides an STH Strap Hanger Series comparison. STH Adjustable Strap Hanger Series Provides Outstanding Jobsite Performance and Versatility

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