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June 2015 | | 21 Kies has been working on cold- formed steel trusses at Cascade for 15 years. He also hobby farms—125 acres of corn, hay, sheep and cattle—so he's used to having a full plate. "There were 175 unique truss pro- files on this job," says Kies. "I had to make sure the web members were uniform and lined up across the building. We wanted the trusses to be installer-friendly. We also wanted them to assemble efficiently on our production f loor." Clean Truss Job PDC Midwest's Hirsch says the Madison assisted living center project is a success. "It's one of the first jobs I've done where I didn't have many truss issues," says Hirsch. "Sure, we had some 'tweaking,' which had nothing to do with the truss designs, but were due to things that came up in the field. But they were easy to modify, and it went together well. It's one of the cleanest truss jobs I've ever done." Lessei and Kies believe a great truss product and collaboration between PDC Midwest and Cascade proved to be beneficial. "What distinguishes Cascade is our attention to detail and thorough- ness," says Lessei, who has been at Cascade Mfg. Co. for 13 years. "We put heel details and section-cut details into our plans just to help our installers. You don't see that with other truss suppliers." W&C Dean Lessei, truss designer at Cascade, poured himself into the project. Tim Einwalter, ALA, project architect at PDC Mid- west, says the truss design enhanced the building's overall appearance. Jim Hirsch, construction manager at PDC Midwest, says the Madison assisted living center was one of the "cleanest truss jobs" he's ever worked on. Stopped Progress?! Keep Working With Easy To Use Flex-C Trac Pick up Flex-C Trac at Your Local Distributor and Start Framing The Curved Wall People™ Toll Free 866.443.FLEX (866.443.3539) M A D E I N T H E U S A Frustrated by stopped progress because only one guy on your crew can curve your framing? Flex-C Trac will keep you working! Shape it by hand, "Hammer-Lock", Install.

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